Which Options Of Core Materials Can You Use For Your Transformers?

transformersA transformer comprises of primary, secondary, and tertiary windings; and the performance of a transformer depends upon the flux linkage between these windings. It is the magnetic flux between the windings that connects them to the core of the transformers, which allows the current to flow through effectively. For efficient flux linkage, a low reluctance magnetic path that is common to all the windings needs to be provided, which makes the core one of the most important parts of a transformer. The core is made of magnetic materials with high magnetic permeability properties so that the magnetic field can be guided through. This is how magnetic fields are produced in a variety of electrical, magnetic, and electromechanical devices like electric motors, generators, electromagnets, inductors, etc. The magnetic field is produced by a current carrying wire coiled around the core, which increases the magnetic field of the coil by hundreds or thousands! For purchasing the best-in-class transformers made of high quality and carefully planned materials and structures, you must get in touch with a standardized and recognized transformer manufacturer in India like Miracle Electronics, so that you can rest assured to have the best performance with a long life for your device. You can choose from the below mentioned materials to be used within the transformer that you want for your application.

How Is Electricity Transferred Into Our Homes And Offices?


Every day we use electrical switches hundreds of times a day to switch on and off lights, fans, air conditioners, heaters, microwaves, coffee makers, geysers, televisions, chargers, and many other appliances. All you have to do is just flick on the switch, and Voila! You have your appliance turned on. All these modern conveniences have made our lives so much easier. And, when our electricity is cut off, we feel like our lives have paused. So, shouldn’t you consider these little switches and the power we get into our homes and offices as small miracles? Parenthetically, have you ever thought about how these miracles take place, or how does the power generated in those huge power plants come into your home? The entire process of bringing in that huge amount of power into your home for safe usage is a very complicated one, and involves lots of careful connections and devices; one of the most important ones in the process being the highest quality power transformers in India. Let us see how electricity is sent to your home, and why transformers are said to play the most important role in the process.

How Are Current Transformers Beneficial?


An energy monitor is required to measure a home’s electricity consumption with a simple installation process that doesn’t require any major modifications to the wiring. To measure the value of electricity, we need voltage and current. Voltage is the force that pushes electrons through electrical devices, while current measures the rate at which electrons move through the wire. When multiplied together, it results in power i.e. Power = Voltage x Current.

How Are Electrical Wires Manufactured?

How Are Electrical Wires ManufacturedWe can see all sorts of electrical wires around us today; some being visible like those that are used to connect different equipment and appliances to the power grid, and others that are not seen like underground utility wires. With all of these combined, there are innumerous kinds of wires of various types and diameters available today. And, all of these wires are manufactured through a long and complex process, and with great care, in order to provide years of reliable and fault-free service. Let us get into the details of wire manufacturing to explain to you the entire process thoroughly. But, before getting into the process, let us first understand what comprises a wire. A simple wire is built with an electrical conductor, made of copper or aluminum, which permits the flow of electricity, and also allows for insulation that ensures current flow without any leakage.

Are You Looking For Stronger Wire Harness Designs?


Wire harnesses are one of the most important components of electrical and electronic systems. They are highly useful to combine wires into neatly assembled bundles to keep the wires secured and operators safe from hazards. If you are planning to purchase wire harnesses, especially customized ones, it is advised that you identify all your requirements beforehand so that you can build a wire harness that complies to all your needs. After all, identifying all your wire harness requirements before the design process can help you strengthen product development efforts. Miracle Electronics is the best wire harness manufacturer in India that you can rely upon to build the finest customized wire harnesses for you that cater to your requirements completely, avoiding over-designing that can add to your expenses, and under-designing that fail to meet your expectations. Mentioned below are some of the basic factors one must consider while designing a wire harness design.

Tips To Find The Perfect Transformer Manufacturer

If you are looking for a perfect transformer manufacturer that can do the best work for your business, you definitely need to do some research first. Finding the perfect transformer manufacturer is one of the most important things for setting a successful high-quality standard and avoiding disturbances in your production schedules. Therefore, you would want a manufacturer who understands your business and requirements, and delivers the best to you. But, with so many numerous manufacturers around, how are you going to find the perfect one? Either you straightaway opt for Miracle Electronics, who is the leading manufacturer of the finest power transformers in India, or you go about looking for the below mentioned qualities in various manufacturers, and come down to the best one. Either way, you will likely to be settling down for Miracle Electronics as we fulfill all the below mentioned attributes in the best possible manner.


In every relationship, no matter personal or professional, bonding is important. Starting off a relationship on the right note can help it go a long way. When it comes to a transformer manufacturer, you would want one who is friendly, communicative, and understanding to help your business move smoothly. After all, if the manufacturer does not take extra time to get to know your business and requirements, you won’t be able to achieve the desired end product. With a miscommunicated beginning, the entire further process can be insecure. Therefore, you need a manufacturer who is responsive towards you whenever you need to say or ask something.


In regards to the applications you want to use a transformer, there would be certain specifications you need to match. Any changes in those measurements or qualities may harm your application and further processes, which requires you to be very clear with what you want. In fact, clarity on both sides is vital, which is why it is important that the transformer has all the product specifications listed clearly to let the customers know what exactly they can receive in terms of dimensions, materials used, features, voltages, temperatures, and more. However, it is equally important that the customers have reasonable expectations out of the manufacturers. Having a manufacturer that is the right fit for providing all the required specifications, while having realistic expectations, is what describes their aptness.

Customization capability

Apart from all that is mentioned above, it is equally important to understand that different applications require different types of transformers. Therefore, you must look for manufacturers who are capable of providing different types of transformers along with their different variants. Also, it is preferred to choose a manufacturer who can customize transformers based on a business’ requirements and specifications.

Transformer manufacturers can make or break a business that relies upon transformers. So, make sure you are working with the right one so that you can have a successful business. At Miracle Electronics, you can get not only the finest power transformers in India, but also the best toroidal, medical isolation, audio output, SMPS, UI, and three phase transformers.

How Can Cable Assemblies Prove To Be Beneficial?


All kinds of industrial and commercial applications utilize a range of complex machinery that requires massive cabling to ensure that everything is connected properly. And, to ensure that all of the machineries are other applications connected together are running properly, you need to opt for A-grade reliable cable assemblies. Out of all the cable harness manufacturers in India, one name you can blindly rely upon is Miracle Electronics, where every cable assembly is tested and verified for its quality and production processes, along with for its compliance to environmental requirements. In fact, every cable assembly is certified and approved by DGAQA and MSQAA for platform specific applications!

Miracle Electronics’ Cable Solutions For The Steel Industry


India is currently the fourth largest producer of steel in the world today. Steel contributes to almost 2% of the Gross Domestic Product and employs more than 5,00,000 people. More than 480 billion rupees are invested in the steel sector; and this amount is only going to increase year after year. The significant factors that have helped in the growth of the steel industry in India include increasing industrialization, economic development, increasing infrastructure, and urbanization.

Should Cost Be A Barrier While Customizing Toroidal Transformers?


There are a variety of different transformers available in the market for different applications. However, toroidal transformers have gained high popularity because of their small size, energy conservation, and excellent performance. Toroidal transformers are available in multiple variants to suit numerous applications. Nonetheless, there are many users who prefer purchasing a customized toroidal transformer in India rather than ready devices. Even though customizing adds-on to the cost of the final product, buyers don’t mind paying that extra cost. Do you know why? Let’s look deeper into the subject.

All You Want To Know About Transformer Power Transfer Capability


Is it possible to use a 30VA transformer in a 40VA application? And if so, what would be its impact? The power rating of a transformer can definitely be increased with the biggest impact being an additional temperature rise and a slight output voltage drop at full load, because of the increased output load. Another question that may arise is that if we don’t take the temperature rise into account, is it possible that the transformer power can be infinitely increased? Now, this is just the case as filling a tea cup more than its finite volume capacity, resulting in the tea to overflow. Similarly, infinitely increasing the transformer power is also impossible as it will result in power overflow. The problem here is the power transfer capability of the transformer.

An ideal power transformer is a device that neither produces, nor stores or consumes any energy. All it does is transfers the power from the power network to the load by changing the primary and secondary voltage in accordance to the fixed turns ratio. However, the power cannot be transferred completely because of the core loss and copper loss. In a transformer, as long as the primary is connected to a voltage source, the secondary will induce an output voltage.

Under no-load conditions, the loop in the primary circuit and the open secondary circuit result in current flow through the primary circuit. This current is known as the no-load current, which can be considered as the transformer excitation current. It is this excitation current that establishes the working magnetic field and changes the output voltage. In case of a very small excitation current, the magnetic field strength produced is applied to the core, which is then magnetized, resulting in weak magnetic field. When the field current increases, the core is magnetized, which produces a rapid increase in magnetic flux. When the excitation current increases to a certain level, the change in magnetic field strength is much larger than the change in magnetic flux density. At this point, the transformer core reaches saturation. It is important to note here that the saturation level of a transformer is dominated by the input voltage, and not the current.

Under loaded conditions, the secondary circuit is reflected to the primary circuit, which results in a very large excitation reactance, as compared to the secondary reflected impedance to the primary side. If the input voltage here does not change, the excitation current remains unchanged, while the current of the primary side increases with energy transfer. Therefore, the increased current in the primary current balances the current generated by secondary load. In this case, if the load is infinitely increased, both the primary and secondary currents increase. This results in reduction of voltage loaded into the field excitation circuit, and lower magnetizing current and secondary induced voltage. Simultaneously, the voltage drop of secondary winding becomes larger, thus significantly reducing load voltage.

While designing transformers, the appropriate magnetic flux density needs to be carefully selected to ensure that the transformer does not saturate. Also, proper winding wire gauge should be chosen to allow temperature rise to be within a reasonable range for energy consumption and the application. All these rules must be considered while designing the planning of a transformer. As a transformer designer and engineer, it is important to also remember that a transformer needn’t be designed as large and bulky in order to meet performance requirements. There must be a balance between the size, performance, manufacturability, and other factors. Therefore, a transformer must be designed as close as possible to its maximum power transfer capability with a reasonable temperature rise. Once the core size of the transformer is determined, the maximum power transfer capability can also be determined and predicted. Miracle Electronics is a name you can rely upon to get the best planned as well as customized power transformers in India that provide the highest level of safety to the operator by regulating and stepping down voltages to machine tool control devices.