Understanding Customized Cable Assemblies


Cable assemblies, wire harnesses, wiring assemblies, wiring looms – call it whatever you may, it’s all the same – all leading to a product that assembles electrical wires or cables to transmit signals or power. The wires used, the binding material, other components, the size, all of it differs from one application to another. It is thus a better option to have your cable assemblies customized to suit your particular application and purpose, where the materials, design, and size are all decided based on your requirements and preferences. And, when you want the best quality customized cable assemblies, you turn to Miracle Electronics, your one stop destination for all your cable assembly solutions. Every product you receive from us is approved for quality by DGAQA and MSQAA, our production processes being certified for quality to ISO 9001, AS9100C, thus proving that we are the most reliable and qualified cable assembly manufacturer from India.

3 Phase Power – A Thorough Understanding


A 3-phase power system is a type of polyphase system most commonly used by electrical grids worldwide for alternating current electric power generation, transmission, and distribution. Large motors and other heavy loads use the 3-phase power system too.

Choosing The Right Auto Transformer Manufacturer


As much as choosing to use an auto transformer is a great decision made, equally challenging is the task of making the right transformer choice. Selecting the right kind of auto transformer is a task because you need to ensure that the product functions according to your requirements and doesn’t lead to electrical faults. Thus, you need to choose an auto transformer that ensures the right amount of energy being transmitted through your wiring. And, how do you do that? You can do so by considering two important points – the voltage requirements and the product performance.

Designing A PCB For A Boost Converter


Boost converters, or better known as step-up converters, are the simplest types of DC-to-DC switch mode power converters, used to step up a voltage from the supply to the load. It consists of a diode, a transistor, and a capacitor/inductor. But, the effective working of a boost converter is significantly decided on the kind of PCB used. The way the PCB is designed highly determines how a boost converter performs its function. So, how can we make a good PCB design for such a device?

5 Common Insulation Materials For Wire Assemblies


Wire assemblies are effective components within an electrical system that consist of several wires, conductors, connectors, and many other components, all combined to be able to transmit signal or power. However, all of this is in vain if there is not proper insulation. There are a variety of materials that can be chosen to create an insulation for a wire assembly to prevent it from damage.

Building Your Custom Cables And PCBs At Miracle Electronics


Cables and PCBs are two integral components of any simple and complex electronic device. There are a variety of standard cables and PCBs available for almost every kind of electronic device and system, but at times, you may have certain applications that may require a certain type of cable network or circuit board, which is when you may look to get in touch with such a manufacturer who has the skill and expertise in manufacturing customized cables and PCBs. And, when you think of such a professional, Miracle Electronics is where you should be. We, along with building standard typical cables and PCBs, are also well-versed in customized cable and PCB assembly manufacturing from India.

Electronic Manufacturing Service Providers – The Basic Services Offered


Electronics Manufacturing Services from India are basically the services that include designing, building, testing, and delivering electronic components to clients for their respective applications. However, the services can vary from one service provider to the next. Depending upon the kinds of skills and expertise they have, a service provider could offer services ranging in manufacturing cable assemblies, PCB assemblies, and box build assemblies. Their services may also range in designing, prototyping, testing, and aftermarket services. This is why you need to approach a service provider that can offer you with what you’re looking for; so you must always check for what they offer, along with the certifications they have that can prove the same. Let’s help you know the different services in detail so that you can better decide as to what you’ll wish to have when the time comes.

Considerations To Make While Designing A Wire Assembly


Wire assemblies are used magnanimously in different industries and applications like electronics, telecommunication, automobiles, aerospace, aviation, and military. Based on the application and design, a wire assembly can have multiple wires and components, consisting of several branches and terminals. Through all these wires and components, information is allocated, transmitted, and directed through electric signals or currents throughout the entire system. But, which components are to be installed into the system, that is of utmost importance. There are a few considerations to be made in order to decide as to which components need to be installed, and how.

Surface Mount Technology – 9 Basic Steps For Assembling A PCB


With the modern age of increasing usage of electronic products, PCB remains the most integral part, supporting the electronic components and providing electrical connections between them. The Surface Mount Technology is becoming more popular in developing PCBs, transforming the concept of traditional electronic circuit assembly to build miniature lightweight PCBs. Let’s learn in detail the basic process of Surface Mount Technology.

The Ultimate Customized Cable Harness Manufacturing Guide

Most people are now opting for customized cable harnesses, rather than off-the-shelf ones; understanding the various benefits that customized harnesses provide over regular ones. And, this makes it important to have the right cable harness manufacturers in India hired. This is because manufacturing customized harnesses is not as easy as manufacturing products with standard specifications. There is a vast difference between manufacturing personalized harnesses and standard ones. Let’s help you know how customized cable harness manufacturing is different. Here is an ultimate guide that’ll help you go through the entire process of effective harness customization.