Cable Assembly Vs. Wire Harness


The words “cable assembly” and “wire harness” are often used interchangeably. In fact, the terms “cable” and “wire” are also used interchangeably. But, this is only for a layman. For professionals and those knowing about the technicality of these components, all these terms have individual meaning and importance; and they all are different from the other. Although they all are used to transfer electricity between different locations, they all are different, and have a distinct purpose. And, the success of your application and electrical appliance depends on choosing the right cable/wire and cable assembly/wire harness, based on the specifications of the application to be used in. Now, if you are confused and don’t know these are different, we are here to help you understand the difference so that you can make the right choice.

Why Should You Use Overmoulded Cable Assemblies?

Wire harness manufacturers in IndiaEvery electrical appliance requires cables to operate; and when there are many cables to be installed into a single application, they are generally input as cable assemblies. These cable assemblies combine multiple cables together into a single unit, making it organized and easy to install, so that installation, maintenance, and repairing becomes easier and faster, without any errors.

Evaluation Of A PCB Assembly Manufacturer


With the world, and every country, being flooded with so many PCB service providers, how do we know how to settle for? It is definitely a tough call for companies to settle for one PCB assembly manufacturer from India with whom they can build up a long-term relationship. But, with the guidelines composed in this blog, it can become an easy task to pick out the perfect PCB service provider for you.

General Rules For Designing And Manufacturing A PCB

General Rules For Designing And Manufacturing A PCB

One of the major aspects that decide the cost and success rate of a product is its design. Any changes made during the designing phase can elevate or drop the results. This clearly shows that the design of a product is the most crucial element. In this blog, we will learn about the designing and manufacturing of a PCB assembly, one of the most important elements of any electronic application.