When You Want Connectors And Cable Assemblies For Your Products

Looking to design electronic products that are smaller, lighter, and smart? Obviously, since we are so dependent on electronics now for almost every job that we do, and for every comfort we need; with the requirements of compactness and smartness that we look for in every product, designing such small and smart electronic products becomes vital. Your products need to meet especially challenging requirements of safety, durability, performance, and form-fit-and-function. So, let us take a look at all these elements that are a must when you are considering connectors and cable assemblies.

PCB Surface Coating – What And Why


Copper is the main conductive material used in PCBs, due to its excellent conductivity and physical performance. But, despite these advantages, copper also tends to oxidize when exposed to air, causing a solid thin oxide layer to be formed on its surface, which affects the solder joints, reducing the shelf life and reliability of the product. The copper thus needs to be prevented against oxidization, which can be achieved by having a good surface coating. There are a number of surface coatings that have rapidly been developed with numerous classifications generated. So, how do you select a proper type of surface coating?

Testing A Transformer


Transformers are those devices that work on the principal of electromagnetic induction to transfer electrical energy from one electrical circuit to another. But, because of this important purpose that they are used for, it is vital that these devices are tested well before usage to check for their efficiency. Some of the tests that are performed on a transformer to check for its efficiency include –

Why Should You Opt For Military PCBs?


Electronic components used in today’s appliances ought to be highly accurate and effective, because if not, the electronics would fail to perform efficiently, and thus bring a bad reputation for the brand. Thus, every electronic manufacturer must be certain about the kind of components they are having manufactured for their equipment. One of the most important components of every electrical equipment is the PCB; and it is recommended that for the best performance, your PCB meets military grade specifications.

10 Most Popular Applications Of PCB Assemblies


PCB assemblies are the most integral constituents of every big and small electronic device today in a variety of industries. While almost every electronic device using PCBs, listed below are the 10 most common uses of these tiny little elements.