Metal To Wire To Wire Harness – How It All Works


To make an equipment work, it requires an entire setup to be put up correctly. This involves manufactured products, wires, cables, PCB controllers, and all other required assorted electrical hardware. Miracle Electronics is the one stop destination when you want one or all of these products. Known as the most reliable transformers, inductors, stabilizers, PCB, box build assembly, and wire harness manufacturer in India, Miracle Electronics has been a favourite for all kinds of medical, aerospace, audio, automotive, and electronics industries across the country. While there are a large number of different products manufactured for each industry, one thing that remains common between all are the wires and cables used to connect different products. Ever wondered how these wires and cables are made, and how these tiny thin elements are responsible for the working of such large parts of systems? Let’s help you know.

Electronic Component Shortage – How To Overcome The Challenge?


With the medical industry being so critical, not even a single error can be afforded. But yet, around20% of medical device manufacturers struggle to manage component shortages. This is a big issue as many devices can call for a difference between the life and death of an individual! But, what is causing such component shortage? Is it the high demand of these components? If so, why is there such a high demand that can’t be fulfilled?

Can Wire Harness Design Be Automated?


With the increasing usage of electrical devices and electronics, and the dependency we have on them, more and more complex equipment with advanced technologies are coming up. And, all these complex equipment require innumerous wires to be installed in them. To make it easy to install, maintain, manage, repair, and replace these innumerous wires, wire harnesses are used.

Isolation Transformers – Working And Applications


Although there are a variety of transformers available to choose from, each offering different benefits and unique qualities, the main purpose of a transformer remains the same, that is, to transfer power, data, or signal across from one circuit to another. Most of the transformers use an inductive conductor for the purpose, which is made of two or more ferromagnetic coils known as windings.

How Many Transformers To Install In Your Industrial Complex?


Whether you are building an industrial complex from scratch, or expanding your operations to spread out your business, one important question you need to consider is the power system that you will require to run. When you are building up or expanding, you may be increasing your labour or machineries. In any case, your power system will also expand.

Shielded Or Unshielded Cables – Which Is The Right Choice?


With electrical products becoming more and more important and in-demand, and manufacturers coming up with newer technologies and fancier designs, it becomes difficult, yet crucial, to balance the productivity of the product with its performance, capabilities, and costs. One of the most important components of any electrical device is the wires that connect one component with the other to deliver power and signals.

Wire Harness Connectors And Terminals – Making The Right Choice


A wire harness is a component that houses multiple similar electrical wires that transmit signals or power; the wires being bound together by electrical tapes, conduits, string, or the like. But, these wire harnesses aren’t of any use if they don’t connect with the right connectors and terminals. The connectors help to form a continuous electrical signal by connecting the wire harnesses to a power source or circuit; and the terminals help terminate the conducting wires to establish an electrical connection. So, how do you choose the right connector and terminal for your particular wire harness? This can be done if you understand the various types of connectors and terminals available, so that you can decide as to which one will suit your precise requirement.

The Difference Between Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnesses, And Wire Looms


Cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and wire looms are terms that are generally used interchangeably. But, if you are inquisitive enough, you may want to find out if all the three are actually the same. For a layman, all of these may appear to be the same, but as a professional, it is important to understand that difference between the three. There are subtle differences in the construction, the performance, and the environment in which they should be used. So, let us understand all of it in this blog.