What Are The Advantages Of Toroidal Transformers?


You may know that Toroidal transformers are smaller, lighter and more efficient than other conventional transformers. Why and how they are better is discussed in detail below. If you are looking to purchase the finest best-in-class Toroidal transformer in India, you can get in touch with Miracle Electronics, a renowned Transformer manufacturer in India since the past 21 years and manufacture transformers that are RoHS Compliant, Reach Compliant, and CE and UL Marked. The Toroidal transformers manufactured by Miracle Electronics also guarantee quality and safety.

Small and light

Toroidal transformers have an ideal shape that requires minimum material. It saves up to 50% in weight and size as compared to other transformers! The windings are symmetrically spread over the entire core, thus making the length of wire very short. The design of cabinets and its mechanical geometry is simplified as compared to other transformers. Its small and compact size suits the needs of electrical and electronic products today.

Low stray magnetic field

Toroidal transformers emit very low radiated electro-magnetic fields as compared to other transformers. Typically 8 times lower than other types of transformers, which means 1/8th their level, Toroidal transformers exhibit approximately 85-95% lower stray magnetic field than others. In fact, for most applications, no special shielding is required. Thus, Toroidal transformers are the best choice for sensitive electronic systems like low level amplifiers or those used in medical equipment.

Low noise

The uniform windings enveloping the core leaves no air gaps and thus, no loose sheets that can vibrate. Due to the very low magnetostriction, there is no disturbing hum sound found in Toroidal transformers, unlike other conventional transformers. Thus, silent Toroidal transformers are ideally used for places where hum sounds are not acceptable for example, in medical facilities.

Electrical efficiency

The high-quality grain oriented steel that is used in all areas of the core and the windings distributed symmetrically over the entire core circumference are the two reasons that lead to better electrical efficiency of Toroidal transformers. The steel used results in the core to operate at 15-16 kilogauss, and the windings reduce the length of copper wire per turn. Thus, the lesser requirement of steel and copper with less core and copper losses results in energy savings.

Easy mounting

Toroidal transformers require a single center screw to be mounted, which is much lesser than four screws required for other transformers, thus reducing the assembly time. Many different methods of mounting apply to these transformers, which include –

  • Pressure-less mounting plates
  • Resin center potting with brass inserts
  • PCB mounting
  • Complete encapsulation in plastic or metal housings

With all the above mentioned features of low stray field, energy savings, smaller footprint, lower weight, etc., Toroidal transformers have proven to be the most highly developed and efficient transformers today. They are also very cost-effective as compared to other conventional transformers.

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