Avoiding Delays On A Quick-Turn PCB Order


With the rising demand of electronics, the manufacturing of PCBs is also increasing at a great speed. In fact, there is a high demand of extreme quick-turn prototype orders so that prototypes can be acquired at the earliest, tested, and then put into full-run production in the shortest possible time. Although it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to fulfill a zero-delay order, as a customer, you could also help in avoiding delays to your PCB order. How? Let’s take a look.

Include every specific customization in your drawing

Be clear with all the tiny little aspects you want in your PCB. Include any and all specifications in your drawing for any custom requirements, so that everything is decided and discussed beforehand, to avoid wasting any time in the future.

Purchase expected requirements in advance

Whether the layout is ready or not, you must review your Bill Of Materials for integrated circuits, connectors, and other critical components at the earliest, even if you are not ready to order yet. You could purchase your expected requirements in advance and consign it to the manufacturer on order placement. This will significantly reduce the time invested in ordering the raw materials. This will also mitigate the impact of component shortages.

Arrange for substitutes for critical or high-risk components

If you haven’t got the chance to purchase critical or high-risk components that are nearing their end of life, or have a global shortage, in advance, you could prepare substitute alternative components for the same. Specifying alternative components well ahead of time can ensure that the boards are not shipped late due to any last minute part substitutions.

Relay any changes at the earliest

Work on quick-turn orders often begins almost immediately after the order is placed; so if there any changes you need to make even after placing your order, you must be really quick in relaying the same to the manufacturer as soon as possible. Doing so at the earliest can prevent mistakes or delays down the line.

Delays can be very frustrating, or may even lead to unnecessary losses. Thus, on-time delivery is absolutely important for time-critical orders, where every day makes a difference. You must thus choose to partner with a manufacturer who believes in on-time deliveries, and puts in efforts for the same, realizing its importance. Miracle Electronics is one such manufacturer. Here, you can get all kinds of PCB assemblies made with expert services of product designing, system designing, system architecture, value engineering, manufacturing, and logistics. We ensure optimal and cost-effective production of all kinds of complicated and dense PCB assemblies. End-to-end build-to-print services can be delivered using the latest technologies and processes involved to manufacture μBGA and surface mount PCB assemblies. Rest assured to get finished products, consistent quality performance, and on-time deliveries at Miracle Electronics, the best PCB assembly manufacturers in India, and an expert at accomplishing all kinds of high, medium, low, and mix volume orders, in world-class flexible and scalable manufacturing environments, to be able to totally satisfy every customer.

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