Do You Have A Bad Wire Harness?


A wire harness is an important component for many applications – commercial, industrial, and consumer. It is considered as a reliable source of power for everything from electrical cars to power tools and high-stake installations like security systems. But, it’s not always that it can prove reliable. If you don’t invest in having your wire harness built by a professional and expert automotive wire harness manufacturer in India, you can’t ensure that your end product is reliable. And, recognizing when a wire harness is bad, means bringing up an opportunity to repair or replace it in time, before it starts affecting the performance of the application it is installed in.

How to identify a bad wire harness?

When your application is not working as expected, or when there is a change in reliability or capacity to perform the expected task, there could be an issue with the wire harness installed. To identify whether this is the problem, first and foremost, you can do a visual inspection to look for any cuts or damages. Then, you can look for any loose parts. You can also look for corrosion or other signs of damage. Also, examine the insulating wrapping for signs that it may be cracked, warped, or dried out. One or more of these problems can affect the performance of the wire harness, and thus the application.

What is causing the above-mentioned issues?

The basic possibilities of the above-mentioned wire harness issues could be that they may be subjected to harsh conditions or treatment. It is thus worth checking for such evidence of damage that can result in poor performance of the wire harness. Some such examples include power surges, vibrations, excessive moisture, or extreme temperatures. For instance, exposure to high humidity can lead to trapped moisture within the harness; exposure to extreme temperature can expand and contract the wires unpredictably; vibrations can loosen or dislodge the crimping that keeps the wires connected to the harness.

What’s the best solution?

As we can see, the outdoor environments in which wire harnesses are installed can cause major changes in the performance of the wire harness, but it isn’t in our hands to control these environments. However, there is one thing that we can control – the quality of wire harness that we build. It is the quality of the wire harness that can enhance the performance of the application. Building a harness that can withstand the extreme conditions of the environment in which it is used can boost the performance of the application, while also increasing the lifespan of the harness. And for this, you need to choose an ideal automotive wire harness manufacturer in India who can design and create a harness most suitable for your requirements. By choosing a full-service company like Miracle Electronics, you can rest assured that your product will have the structural integrity to perform well under normal as well as extreme conditions. After all, we understand how every detail of the manufacturing process can alter the quality of the end product. Moreover, with decades of experience, and certifications for quality to ISO 9001 and AS 9100 C, we can ensure the best with every product we build.

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