What Are The Benefits Of Isolation Transformers?


Isolation transformers are used to transfer electrical power from a source of alternating current power to a device, where the powered device is isolated from the power source for safety measures. They provide galvanic isolation, which is the principle of isolating different sections of electrical systems to prevent current flow. Here, there is no direct conduction path but, the energy is still exchanged between sections by capacitance, induction or electromagnetic waves. However, these transformers block the transmission of the DC component in signals from one circuit to another, while letting the AC components to pass.

Isolation transformers that have a ratio of 1:1 between the primary and secondary windings are used to protect against electric shock between the ground and energized conductors. They are also used to suppress electrical noise and are used for supplying power in sensitive devices like computers, medical devices and laboratory instruments. There is special insulation between the primary and secondary in such transformers, and high voltage ranging from 1000 to 4000 volts can be borne between the windings.

What are the benefits of isolation transformers?

Different industries and businesses use isolation transformers because of their varied purposes and benefits. Some of its most important benefits are mentioned here.

  • Isolation in different circuits can be substituted by isolation transformers. With 1:1 ratio, isolation transformers can separate the primary and secondary windings.
  • Isolation transformers facilitate direct current power isolation. In case of telephone lines, where amplifiers are required at various intervals, it is isolation transformers that carry out the separation of direct current components from the signal to control every amplifier on the line.
  • Isolation transformers prevent the risk of electric shock by uniting a vessel to the electric power source. They facilitate separation of the person from the resource in a manner that the electric wirings do not touch the power line directly.
  • Without isolation in electronics testing and servicing, touching a live part of the circuit can prove to be dangerous. Thus, 1:1 ratio transformers are used for isolation in order to provide safety. Isolation transformers have therefore proven to be an excellent option for gadgets that use electricity.
  • All kind of noise and sound that is created by connecting the signal of the audio amplifier to the speaker output circuit is reduced with the help of isolation transformers.
  • Isolation transformers separate the amount generated by a radio frequency on large devices of the circuit from the transmitter line. They facilitate the connection of the amount produced by the radio frequency amplifier to the transmitted signals and direct it towards the antenna.

Where are isolation transformers used?

  • Isolation transformers are used in small sizes for isolation in pulse circuits.
  • Isolation transformers are used to provide electrical isolation in medical equipment.
  • Isolation transformers are used for power supply of devices that are not at ground potential.
  • Isolation transformers are used in electronics testing and servicing to provide safety, without which touching a live part of the circuit with hazardous voltage can cause severe damage.

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