How Are Cables Being Manufactured For Today’s Data-Driven World?


With the need for faster speeds and production rising, operations are becoming more and more automated; and over time, such automated processes are also advancing through the use of IoT-enable technologies. But, this advancing updates are putting more pressure on improving the quality of cables and wires that are used to control power and carry critical signals in such automated operations. Let us take a look at how leading wire assembly manufacturers in India are adapting their designs to meet the changing demands of industries today.

Regular standards need to be met

It is essential that every component works in sync with other component manufacturers, which is why it is important to ensure that the cables meet regular standards. The data cables must comply with the standards set forth by other component manufacturers.

Every component must be approved

Manufacturers must work with the engineering and purchasing departments to get their products onto approved supplier lists, which will ensure that the products are approved due to they being able to meet specifications required in the manufacturing plants.

Field terminable connectors are being used

Field terminable connectors are being used to make it possible for electrical installers to buy industrial Ethernet cables in bulk, and terminate the cables on the job site, when the cable runs are beyond the standard lengths, or when they are unknown.

Ethernet cables are being redesigned

IIoT and increasingly networked manufacturing are prompting changes in the way motion systems are installed. The advancement in IIoT is causing industrial Ethernet cables to be manufactured with a twisted quad structure that allows the same signal runtime between each pair, which is critical for data transmission in applications that require real-time or industrial real-time updates for machines that perform at high speeds.

Hybrid cables and connections are being used

There is a rising trend of applications requiring the use of hybrid cables to lower installation time, minimize component size, and reduce cable and connector stock volumes. That is, instead of stocking up power cables, data cables, and connections for each component, there is only one hybrid cable and one hybrid connector. Manufacturers are opting for M12 and RJ45 connectors, which can be axial or angled, stocked in various standard lengths for plug-and-play solutions so that the installation time or down time is reduced.

Connectivity component features are being adopted

To help with future-proof designs, connectivity-component features like smart components that self-diagnose are being adopted. For instance, components that can count bit failure in drag chain cables that will notify replacement of the cable before it breaks shows that a pre-determined limit is reached.

Test reports must be made available to end users

End users must ask for certified test reports for their cables, and high frequency test reports for data cables. A manufacturer who has genuine products should be able to provide the same.

These are only a few tactics being used to be able to keep up with the changing demands of industries. There is yet so much more that needs to be taken care of! This is why you always need to depend on genuinely reliable wire assembly manufacturers in India, one like Miracle Electronics, who knows their job, and also has the skill and expertise to always keep up with the changing times. Here, you can also have all kinds of cable assemblies manufactured as per your particular application.

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