The Challenges Faced By Cable Assembly Manufacturers


Manufacturers face a number of trials even when building the most basic cable assemblies, so you can imagine the challenges encountered when manufacturing complex aerospace assemblies! Aerospace cable assemblies are large, heavy, and complex, containing hundreds of components and multiple breakouts. These bulky and complicated assemblies need to be able to withstand extreme environmental and operating conditions, and stay thoroughly reliable. All these reasons clearly indicate the need for hiring skilled, qualified, diligent, and experienced manufacturers who use the perfect tools and are aware of the latest technologies, while also being compliant with the most current standards and requirements, when in need of having your aerospace cable assemblies in India manufactured. That’s because such manufacturers, in today’s every evolving market, are always facing a number of challenges, some of which are mentioned below.

Challenge 1 – Repairing an assembly created by another manufacturer

Some two decades ago, every manufacture would create, disassemble, and repair all their assemblies in-house. But, after the 9/11 attack, when the airline economy saw a downswing, all of this is being more outsourced. This creates unique challenges when manufacturers are required to repair the assemblies that they haven’t manufactured. All they have is the documentation provided by the other assembler, to work on the product. First, the assembler determines if the assembly is repairable, and if it is, they’ll develop a component maintenance manual on how to perform the repairs. This manual will let the other manufacturer know how to repair and install the assembly, while restoring the rest of the engine, which is undoubtedly a challenging task.

Challenge 2 – Being familiar with every type of assembly variation

While most of the other cable assembly products use automated processes to be manufactured, manufacturing aerospace cable assemblies in India still remains a manual process. One challenges here is that assemblies can come from all over the world, and every variation has its own requirements for assembling and installation. This is why every manufacturer needs to be thorough and familiar with the assembly process for each variation type.

Challenge 3 – Adapting to the ever-advancing industry

With aerospace electrical systems becoming increasingly complex with time, with more connections and evolving wiring system regulations, the cable assemblies are also required to keep up with the complexities and updates.

Some challenges encountered in the past

  • A 40 feet long cable assembly with 60 branches, 35 of which fed from one breakout point, and all of them braided with electromagnetic shielding and anti-chafing braid material, required 8 technicians to work upon it, spending 340 man-hours to build.
  • A 100 feet long cable assembly, containing more than 6000 connection points, required more than 24 hours to only be tested, so you can imagine the time taken to manufacture the same!
  • Building a 3D harness board that allowed to run all the wires and form the bundle in the exact shape that it would be installed on the airplane, was another unique challenge.

Whenever you’re looking to have a complex cable assembly built, you need a manufacturer who can face each of the above-mentioned challenges skilfully. You can thus always rely on the services of Miracle Electronics, one of the most professional and reliable cable assembly manufacturers in the country. We are skilled and specialized in manufacturing all kinds of assemblies like flat, ribbon, power, RF, EMI-shielded, military, and aerospace cable assemblies in India. Each cable assembly can be customized as per your requirements, with every product being thoroughly tested and quality certified to ISO 9001, AS9100C.

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