The Challenges Faced While Handling 300 Miles Of Electrical Cable


300 miles of cables! Yes, that is somewhere near what an aircraft contains. And, to manage all these miles of cables is a very complex and tedious task. The number of challenges to be experienced is many in terms of environmental conditions, pressure conditions, abrasion, vibration, moisture, etc. And, the challenge increases when the distance some signals travel within the airframe increases. All kinds of avionics systems, engines, sensors, and in-flight entertainment experience these challenges. However, the issues related to the maintenance of these cables can be reduced to an extent when these cables are bundled up together into a cable assembly. This keeps the workspace neat and organized, while keeping the inhabitants within the workplace safe against shocks and accidents, and the cables safe and protected. Miracle Electronics is one of the renowned cable assembly manufacturers in India who manufactures a variety of harnesses like EMI shielded, flat, RF, airborne, ribbon, and military. Additionally, you can also get general product features and inclusions like circular connectors, military specific connectors, D-Sub connectors, PVC lead wires, and more here. All these products are tested for dimension, weight, continuity, pull, and Hi-pot testing before being provided to the clients.

Coming back to the challenges with the miles of electrical cables, other things that matter are the number of stakeholders involved in the creation of a wire harness, which include electronic engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, software, purchasing personnel, quality assurance specialist, and specialists in regulatory compliance. All of these must work together to produce an accurate data set for each harness, which includes a schematic, wiring plan, datasheets, assembly note, switch settings, fuse ratings, and bill of materials. Also, the subsequent maintenance of the wire harness is important. For all of this, a good data management is essential. And, to have a good data management, here is all that you need.

ECAD tools have object-oriented systems architecture, which ensures continuous synchronization between all engineering stages, and supports concurrent engineering. Also, good data management is essential in case of multiple projects, for version control, and managing options and variants. There is the E3.series that integrates well with MCAD tools, which allows electrical connectivity to be defined in a traditional schematic 2D environment, and for being exported into a 3D MCAD environment. The design can then take on wire diameters, bundle diameters, and other physical characteristics inherited from the data within the ECAD tool.

Any cable assembly can be selected after being routed, which will automatically launch a harness analyzer, which will allow viewing and analysis of harness drawings in the standard HCV container data format. The design is then passed back to the E3.series for positioning of ties and clips, and for the creation of wire drawings and other elements of the data set. The amount of data required for the assembly and maintenance should have its roots in the electrical, mechanical, and software design domains. And, by making better use of the data within a project, all stakeholders can save a wholesome of money.

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