Different Types Of Power Transformers


Power transformers are electrical devices that are used to step up or down electrical energy or supply voltage while transferring it from one source to another. Transformers are usually used in long distance electrical energy transfer, and these devices have highly contributed in shaping the electricity supply industry. Different types of transformers are used in different types of applications. Even the same type of transformer may vary in a variety of options for different applications. This is why leading transformer manufacturers in India manufacture transformers with a variety of options to make them useful for different applications. Here is the wide range of options available for power transformers in India that make it easier for the customers to choose from.

Choice of indoor/outdoor installation

Power transformers can be installed in both indoor and outdoor situations. Not all transformers are created the same because of the difference in design and working capabilities of different types of transformers. Thus, some transformers are manufactured for both conditions, while others are manufactured only for indoors. As per the customers’ convenience, power transformers are available in both choices so that they know whether their transformers have the capability to withstand outdoor environmental elements or not.

Choice in specifications

There are lots of specifications that power transformers are available in like voltage, frequency, power capacity, etc.

  • Input voltages range from a few volts to kilovolts
  • Input frequencies range in Hertz varying for different types of applications
  • Power capacity also varies depending upon the type of application
  • Winding turns ratios vary with step-up, step-down, variable, multiple winding
  • Coolant choices like air-cooled, water-cooled, fan-cooled and oil-cooled transformers are available.
  • Other specifications include operating temperature, storage temperature and maximum relative humidity

Choice of environment

Transformers are electrical components and thus, they need to be protected against those situations that may harm the transformer as well as the surroundings. This means that the transformers should be available with capabilities of being shockproof, fireproof, waterproof, earthquake-resistant, dustproof, etc. The customers must be able to decide what kind of transformer they should opt for. For example, if the customers want to install a transformer in an area that is less or not at all prone to earthquakes, they need not opt for those transformers that are designed for being resistant to quakes.

Choice of application

Power transformers are manufactured for varying applications like frequency range, cooling types, winding turns, power capacity, output voltage, current stabilization, output amplification, etc. as mentioned above. All these can help customers to choose from various types of step-up, step-down, off-load, low loss and OLTC transformers. All these transformers are rated based on the functions and features they offer. Today, there are many star rated transformers in the market that allow customers to make huge savings in terms of energy loss.

Many customers consider the brand name of the manufacturer before they decide on buying the product. Miracle Electronics is a leading brand in the manufacture of power transformers in India that offers devices varying in volts, amperes, Hertz and much more to suit your needs, and also undertakes requests for custom design and development of power transformers.

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