Different Types Of Popular Transformers


Transformers are electrical instruments that are used to transfer current from one source to another. They are available in different kinds like electric, current, isolation, toroidal, audio, high voltage and many more. All of these are manufactured in different ways and to satisfy different demands of customers, may it be industries or for general usage. Miracle Electronics is a leading transformer manufacturer in India who manufactures many different types of transformers to be sold at reasonable and affordable prices, without compromising on quality of materials used and the labour involved. Here is a list of some of the transformers popularly used.

Electric transformers

Electric transformers are used to transfer current from one circuit to another effectively and efficiently with the help of electromagnetic induction. Electric transformers are inclusive of many different kinds of transformers manufactured.

Current transformers

Current transformers are used to obtain current from the secondary circuit and measure alternate current with the help of conductors. These types of transformers supply current directly and transfer current without influence over other processes.

High voltage transformers

High voltage transformers come with standard features and are used in many power transmission applications to transfer energy directly from one circuit to another circuit with fine voltages to supply sufficient voltage to the users.

Toroidal transformers

Toroidal transformers are passive electronic components that have a low external magnetic field. They consist of a circular ring magnetic core that is made of a high magnetic permeability material like iron or ferrite, around which a copper wire is wound. Because the windings require more complex equipment and has slower processes involved, the costs involved for the construction of such transformers is high.

Isolation transformers

Isolation transformers are used to decouple two circuits and supply current from one circuit to another, without providing a magnetic conductive path between the two. These transformers are designed to meet the requirements of customers while preventing influence of one section over another. They include shielding to prevent coupling of electromagnetic noise between circuits. They may also have reinforced insulation that helps to withstand thousands of volts of potential difference between both the circuits.

Audio transformers

Audio transformers are designed to be used in audio circuits to carry audio signals. They can block radio frequency interference or DC component of audio signals, to split or combine audio signals, or to provide impedance matching between high and low impedance circuits.

Poly phase transformers

For systems that require poly phase current, either multiple single phase transformers can be used or all phases can be connected to a single poly phase transformer. For three phase transformers, three primary windings are connected together and three secondary windings are connected together. There are many possible configurations for a poly phase transformer that may involve more or less than six windings and various tap connections.

For all the above transformer types and many others like E&I, SMPS and UI, you can rely on Miracle Electronics, one of the most popular transformer manufacturer in India.

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