Electronic Box Build Assembly – The Instructions And Process


Professional electronics manufacturers are always focused on every minute detail of the product they design. Equally important is the design of a box or enclosure that holds such electronic devices within. To get such an enclosures or electronic box assemblies in India built, you need to find a manufacturer that specializes in this capability. There may be many manufacturers that can build such a box for you, but for the best results, you should always look for one who has experience in building all of the components of the electronic device, such as Miracle Electronics, your one-stop destination for all kinds of electronic manufacturing services.

When you have such a versatile electronics manufacturer partnered with to build the entire product, you won’t have to worry about coordinating between multiple vendors. Having your entire product built by one vendor means that everything will be taken care of, with you having to only worry about offering your requirements and making the payment. Let’s see what kind of instructions you’ll need to give to the manufacturer to have your electronic box assembly built.

What you need to provide to your electronics manufacturer

Once you’ve settles on your manufacturer, you’ll need to send your instructions and requirements for building the box to them. The list will include the Bill-Of-Materials, an electrical schematic, assembly drawings, wire lists, and test specifications. Your manufacturer may probably be able to build the box will only a Bill-Of-Materials and an electrical schematic, yet it is always better to give them as much information as possible, to avoid any misunderstandings of doubts that can hamper the end result or delivery time of your product. You’ll always want to ensure that your manufacturer has all the information required to build your electronic box assemblies in India.

What your electronics manufacturer will do

Once you’ve provided all the instructions and requirements to the manufacturer, they’ll proceed to build your product. Typically, an electronic box assembly will contain PCBs and wire harnesses, which need to undergo point-to-point wiring, all combined in the mechanical structure of the box. So, here’s how the manufacturer will go about it.

  • Building and testing all the PCBs to be installed in the product
  • Building and testing all the cables and wire harnesses to be installed in the product
  • Cutting, stripping, and labelling the ends of individual wires in preparing the assemblies
  • Beginning from the bottom, and working up through each level, by including the bolting parts, seating, interconnecting circuit boards, and connecting all the wire harnesses and point-to-point wiring
  • Incorporating customer manufacturing and workman specifications into each level of the assembly
  • Inspecting each level of the assembly for required labels, wire routing, screws, and continuity test points
  • Conducting a final inspection before installing the covers of the assembly
  • Testing the device and recording the results

With your manufacturer covering up all of these points in building and testing your product, you’ll end up with only the best quality electronic box assemblies in India.

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