Electronic Manufacturing Service Providers – The Basic Services Offered


Electronics Manufacturing Services from India are basically the services that include designing, building, testing, and delivering electronic components to clients for their respective applications. However, the services can vary from one service provider to the next. Depending upon the kinds of skills and expertise they have, a service provider could offer services ranging in manufacturing cable assemblies, PCB assemblies, and box build assemblies. Their services may also range in designing, prototyping, testing, and aftermarket services. This is why you need to approach a service provider that can offer you with what you’re looking for; so you must always check for what they offer, along with the certifications they have that can prove the same. Let’s help you know the different services in detail so that you can better decide as to what you’ll wish to have when the time comes.

Cable assembly

Cable assemblies can be built by hand soldering or injection overmoulding. Hand soldering is a manual time-taking process. Injection overmoulding is a process wherein a single part is created using multiple materials, with the first material being partially covered by overmoulds; thus the name. No matter how the cable assemblies are manufactured, a genuine EMS service provider will always test them before delivering them to you. They could use a pull test, functional test, continuity test, and Hipot test to check for the physical attributes as well as performance of the assemblies.

PCB assembly

EMS service providers build PCB assemblies using one of the two methods – surface mount technology or through hole technology – to solder components like integrated circuits, transistors, resistors, etc. onto the board. While the through hole technology takes a little longer to manufacture a PCB assembly as it involves more human interaction, the surface mount technology is a little more advanced and standard.

Box build assembly

When you’re looking for a final assemble of all your innovative electronic products, you’re looking for box build assembly services. An experienced and reliable EMS provider will be well-versed with building the same in a way that the final product not only works perfectly, but is also a true reflection of the encased products. Other than manufacturing box build assemblies, the EMS provider may also offer additional services like that of configuration management, potting, or heat shrinking. Configuration management can help establish consistency in the product’s look and performance. Potting is the process of filling the assembly with a goo-like stuff to improve the product’s resistance to elements like moisture, vibration, corrosion, and shock. Heat shrinking is the process of covering the cables with a shrinkable plastic tubing to protect them against any kind of abrasion; thus enhancing the quality of life of the product.


Generally, an EMS provider is approached when you have a design in hand and want the product built. But, EMS service providers also offer designing services, where you can simply tell them your requirements and have them to also design the right kind of product for you. They have expert industry-specific engineers and production teams who can help with the designing process.


Prototyping can help build a sample of the product before having the entire production line manufactured, so as to check for the performance and any possible errors in the design. Prototyping can help check for design faults, ensure product durability, and provide confirmation for production. The services involved may include visual modelling, proof of concept, working prototyping, and functional prototyping.


Once the products have been manufactured, it is the EMS service provider’s responsibility to test them before having them delivered to the client. The tests may include in-circuit testing, flying probe testing, burn-in testing, automated optical inspection, and functional testing. Not testing the products may hamper lead times, cause errors while in performance, and also cost extra money to fix the issues.

Aftermarket services

Genuine EMS service providers may also offer aftermarket services like repairing, refurbishing, calibration, and upgrading. Such services revolve around working on products manufactured by another company, and on legacy products that require sustaining engineering. Other aftermarket services may include cleaning, painting, inspection, troubleshooting, and the like.

This is just an overview of the general Electronics Manufacturing Services from India. The services can vary greatly with different service providers. Miracle Electronics is one such service provider who can offer a variety of EMS services like product designing, system designing, value engineering, hardware designing, equipment handling, modelling, simulation, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, and logistics.

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