How To Improve A Studio’s Sound Quality With Clean Balanced Power?


What kind of music do you enjoy listening? Rock, jazz, pop, folk, classical, country, techno, trance, or something else? While every individual’s choice may differ, one thing that remains common is clarity. Tell us one individual who would like jarring or scratchy music, or music with disturbance in the background? Music and noise are two different things; and no kind of off-track or disturbing noise is acceptable when it comes to music.

What makes music so clear and appealing?

Do you know what all efforts are put in at recording studios to bring to you such precise music!? Along with a large team of singers, musicians, audio engineers, and backstaff, there is a whole lot of equipment and considerations that are on the long list. The list includes everything from music instruments, microphones, and headphones, to mixing boards, mixing consoles, multitrack recorders, compressors, equalizers, and more. But, how is all of this possible without the right usage of clean power!?

What is clean power?

Power quality and grounding are the foundations of any electrical system. And, clean power, along with electrical and grounding, is essential to any recording studio to help capture better-sounding recordings. Clean power is all about reducing the amount of noise generated by surrounding electrical sources. RF and HF radio waves can be picked up from nearby power lines, while additional noise is generated by other surrounding machines and appliances, all of which needs to be thoroughly cleared. In order to achieve clean power, the voltage distortion and harmonic noise content needs to be kept to the minimum.

How can power quality be controlled?

In order to control power quality, you need to begin by looking at the source – how the power is being distributed around the studio. For best results, all the audio equipment should be on a dedicated circuit. Identify the outlets that are designated to the audio circuits, and use a surge protector to ensure that all and only the audio equipment is powered by only those outlets, to prevent interference from other types of equipment. Make sure there are no devices with motors on your designated audio circuits, as motors may cause spikes and dips in power regulation, leading to inconsistencies in the recordings. Every equipment other than the audio should be on a separate circuit.

Another important move is using the right kind of transformer. Whether you are building a studio from scratch, or want to improve the audio in your current set-up, you need the right supplying tools that can offer clean balanced power. The best choice here is Miracle Electronics’ balanced power transformers that can clean up the mains power and clean up your sound. We have helped clients use these transformers in balanced studio power supply in India to convert conventional unbalanced power to symmetrical balanced power, and enhance their sound quality. What has made this possible is the unique features and paramount quality of our products, clubbed with our better pricing and on-time delivery services!

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