How Many Transformers To Install In Your Industrial Complex?


Whether you are building an industrial complex from scratch, or expanding your operations to spread out your business, one important question you need to consider is the power system that you will require to run. When you are building up or expanding, you may be increasing your labour or machineries. In any case, your power system will also expand.

When designing a power system, one important component that needs to be considered is the transformer. How many transformers are required for a particular power system? Transformers help in reducing or increasing the voltage to a level that is safe and useful. So, to be able to design a perfect and safe power system, you need to ensure the right kinds and correct numbers of transformers required.

How many transformers will you need?

There are a number of factors to consider while determining the number of transformers that you will need for your industrial complex.

The number of buildings to be incorporated – One of the best ways to safeguard your buildings and operations is by having one individual transformer for each building, so that in case of a fault, only one building will have to face the consequences, with the rest of them functioning perfectly. Otherwise, if you have one single transformer for all your buildings, you will have to shut down your entire operation when that one transformer needs to be repaired or replaced.

The varying power requirements – It isn’t necessary that all the buildings in your complex use up the same amount of power. Some buildings may use significant amount of power, while the others will use relatively very less. Balancing out the transformers between these high and lower power usages is important, so that usage in one building does not adversely affect power in the others.

The housing to hold the transformer – If you intend on having one single transformer for the entire complex, you will also need one large outdoor-rated enclosure to house the transformer. In contrast, if you have individual transformers per building, the transformers will be comparatively smaller, which can then be housed in the buildings themselves.

The amount of noise – The bigger the distance, the higher is the noise produced. This is why it is wise to give every building a different transformer so as to reduce noise when passing between buildings.

The costs involved – Purchasing multiple small transformers for each individual building will cost lesser than investing in one large transformer. Thus, a group of smaller transformers is more economical than a single huge transformer.

Where to get your transformer from?

So, what is your requirement? After looking at all the considerations above, you’ll be more likely to choose multiple smaller transformers rather than a single large-sized transformer. However, if you still wish to choose the latter, it is up to you. Whatever your choice, you can come up to Miracle Electronics, the most reliable transformer manufacturer in India, to have your transformer(s) designed. Whatever your type, whatever your requirements, and whatever your budget, you can have everything conversed clearly, and get the best buy. You can also have your transformers uniquely customized  as per your requirements.

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