Why You Must Use Power Quality Analyzers?


How would it be if you could determine a load’s ability to function properly with a particular value of electric power? Or, what if you could measure electric power signals to determine that ability? After all, without the right kind of electric power supplied, electrical equipment may either fail or malfunction.

What device can help?

A power quality analyzer is what can help measure such electrical power signals, by tracking several electrical parameters like AC current power, AC voltage, and frequency. With this, two kinds of parameters can be identified – one being the demand, which is the actual amount of power used by a system; and the second being the peak demand, which is the maximum amount of electric power that can be used. A power quality analyzer can also measure harmonic distortion, a disturbance that is related to the integer multiples of the fundamental power frequency. All in all, such equipment can help identify failures, outages, power quality issues, and unbalance in the system; thus saving energy and boosting profits.

Where are power quality analyzers used?

Manufacturing industries – Power quality analyzers help take suitable measures to ensure that the expensive equipment used in manufacturing and process-based operations are safeguarded by means of the right information available.

Telecommunication – Power quality analyzers can resolve a number of issues related to voltage sags and swells that are responsible to increase loads and cause short circuits or faults in telecommunication equipment.

Energy companies – Power quality analyzers can improve power variants and energy efficiencies by devising appropriate power quality management.

Energy audits – Power quality analyzers can help building operators and property owners to receive a detailed report on the energy consumption and power quality measurements by metering energy audits; thus helping to monitor losses of power and cost allocation.

Data centres – Power quality analyzers can eradicate the challenges that disrupt the effectiveness of critical devices and systems used in data centres.

Healthcare – Power quality analyzers can ensure the smooth running of critical devices used in the healthcare sector, while also protecting them against unforeseen events that may deteriorate their performance.

Commercial facilities – Power quality analyzers can help maintain daily activities by taking proactive actions against damage to critical systems in commercial facilities. The devices can store data, measure energy, and perform periodic assessments to analyze how quality and reliability can be improved by taking corrective actions.

Who to approach?

No matter what your industry and application, Miracle Electronics can help manufacture balanced power transformers to be used in balanced studio power supply in India, to convert conventional unbalanced single-phase mains to symmetrical balanced power. This is important because local main power distribution is always unbalanced, which is vulnerable to interface caused from light, motor, and other reactive loads, resulting in feeding of spurious harmonics and out-of-phase components back into the mains. The balanced studio power supply can help eliminate such reactive power components in the same way as balanced audio circuits can eliminate external noise.

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