While Having Your Overmoulded Cables Customized


When you wish to purchase overmoulded cables, there are quite a few things that you need to know before you do so. When you need overmoulded cables for your application, you need to get the best possible solution from the best cable assembly manufacturers in India. And, this is possible when you work in collaboration with them by providing them all the details about your application and requirements. The more details you provide, the more cost and time effective your solution will be.

  • You need to let the manufacturer know about the space constraints that you have. And, you also need to let them know about the power and signal requirements for the equipment where the cable/assembly needs to be installed in.
  • Let the manufacturer know about all the environmental factors that your application will likely face. These could include every aspect like temperature ranges, chemical exposure, UV exposure, exposure to moisture, vibration, abrasion, and presence of dust/dirt/other airborne contaminants. Also, mention the amount of strain that could be involved with the equipment like pressure, flexibility, tugging, pulling, etc.
  • Clarify if any kind of radio frequency interference, electromagnetic interference, or electrostatic discharge will be present. If these are present, you need to determine which type of shielding is best for your cable/assembly. This is because it is the shielding that prevents the cable from emitting or absorbing the interferences.
  • Determine the ampacity that your application requires, because a small wire gauge can result in overheating and damage of the wire insulation, or at the worst, electrical fires!
  • Last but not the least, decide upon the tests and certifications that are important for your product. And, to achieve the best certifications, tests like IP testing, Pull Force testing, EMI/RFI testing, temperature testing, and fire and flammability testing should be performed.

While we speak about all the details you need to provide to the manufacturer, we will also advice you to remember that you need a manufacturer who utilizes Lean Six Sigma processes that focus on faster cycle times and lesser waste produced, with a continuous and efficient workflow, and a higher quality finished product. One name here is Miracle Electronics, one of the finest and most reliable cable assembly manufacturers in India, where you can get cable assemblies of all types – EMI shielded, flat, RF, airborne, ribbon, military, and many more. Although manufacturers are experts in their field, it is important that have a clear understanding of your requirements before you approach them. Working together with the manufacturer in collaboration with an understanding on both sides will result in products with the most appropriate specifications. if you don’t understand certain aspects, the manufacturer can help you understand them, but you at least need to be sure about the very basic details like the temperature, pressure, environmental conditions, space constraints, and other elements mentioned above. This will not only result in a perfect product, but will also eliminate any time wastage; thus resulting in mutual understanding and better professional relationships too.

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