How Are Power Transformers And Inductors Important?


A transformer is a passive device consisting of a ferromagnetic core and two or more coils that transfers
AC electric energy from one circuit into another through electromagnetic induction. With the passing years, transformers are becoming more and more popular with the rising demand of electrically operated systems. There are many different types of transformers today, each created to serve a different purpose. One such transformer is the power transformer, which has come into existence with the growth of civilization and industry, where there is a great necessity to channel more power into machines. Power transformers are the best solution to deliver massive power supply within the industry.

A changing current in the primary winding creates an alternating magnetic field in the core, which multiplies the field and couples most of the flux through the secondary windings. According to Faraday’s law, this action induces alternating voltage in each of the secondary coil. Power transformers are designed to change the amplitude of high-frequency pulses by the turns ratio and to provide isolation between circuits. The efficiency of power transformers to run consistent power flow in the industry led people to choose them.

In order to deliver better quality transformers, manufacturers follow some specific methods. They started designing power transformers in a way that they can handle non-linear loads. The coils of the transformers are wrapped in foil to reduce the effect of heat and the case that holds the transformers are grounded as per the National Electric Code. Transformers incorporate a neutral conductor sized at twice rated phase current, and an electrostatic shield for reducing voltage spikes, fine noise and transients. Moreover, manufacturers generally guarantee 10 years of performance, workmanship and defect-free materials. Miracle Electronics is one such name in the industry that provides robust power transformers in India that are RoHS Compliant and Reach Compliant, and are also available with CE and UL marked.

One other element that fulfills a transformer’s worth is an inductor. This element is used in all kinds of electronic devices. It is a passive two-terminal electrical component consisting of a wire wound into a coil that resists changes in the electric current passing through it.  An inductor controls the flow of electricity in an electronic appliance and maintains a safe level of electrical power within. It also reduces the intensity of noise produced. This is why power transformers are one of the most important aspects in the industry growth but, not without inductors.

One more important component that shares the task with inductors is Toroid, which looks like a doughnut and offers higher and better inductance as compared to inductors. Toroid is a special kind of inductor that doesn’t have any interference with its neighbouring components. Available in different diameters and widths, Toroids are very cost-effective and the Q values are remarkably great!

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