The Power And Importance Of Power Transformers


We’re so tied up to all sorts of gadgets all day, may it be for work or play. We’re so dependent on all kinds of appliances in our everyday lives. We live in a technological world, where we’re surrounded with smartphones, tablets, and laptops; and can’t imagine our lives without air conditioners, fans, lights, televisions, and refrigerators. Yet, we use them so easily and impulsively that we don’t realize their worth until we’re kept from using them. All the gadgets and appliances we use right from the time we open our eyes, we only realize how we’re so reliant on them, when the battery dies down, or when there’s no electricity available to charge them up or use them. It is only then that we realize the power and importance of electricity!

How do we receive electricity?

Have you ever wondered how electricity reaches those power circuits within our homes and offices that enables us to power up all our electrical and electronic devices? It is from large power plants that huge amount of electricity is generated and transmitted over long extended lines to reach our homes. But, the process isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are lots of equipment and components spread across the large spaces across which the electricity has to run before reaching our premises. But, the huge amount of electricity that is produced at power stations isn’t apt for the electrical circuits within our homes and offices, which is why it needs to be subsided to a lower power to be suitable for our appliances. This is where the role of power transformers in India comes in.

Power transformers – A critical part of the electrical network

Power transformers are an important part of the electrical network, a key component that allows the interface between networks of different voltage levels. Without them, the electrical networks that we use today, wouldn’t have been possible. Substation transformers are a critical link that connect wind and solar farms to the electrical network.

The two types

Power transformers trade voltage for current in a circuit, without affecting the total electrical power. This means that they can take high-voltage electricity with a small current, and change it into low-voltage electricity with a large current. These are one category of power transformers, known as step-down transformers. The other category – step-up transformers – work in the opposite manner to up the voltage. Power transformers can thus be used for either increasing or decreasing the voltage as required.

How does electricity reach our premises?

Dynamos at power plants generate large currents, but not large amounts of voltage. So first, the voltage from electricity coming from the power plant is stepped-up to a higher level for long-distance transmission with the help of step-up transformers, as electricity travels more efficiently at high voltage. Then, as the electricity nears the end usage like homes and offices, the voltage is then stepped-down using a step-down transformer to an amount that can safely and effectively power up the lights, fans, and other appliances we use. In this way, power transformers have become essential for the transmission, distribution, and utilization of electrical energy in all applications of power.

Before purchasing a power transformer

Power transformers, as they play a crucial role in supplying power to electronic circuits, also need to be safe, convenient, and reliable. And, to be able to stand up to these expectations, they need to be manufactured with certain considerations in mind.

Power rating – Power transformers operate at high voltages, which is why to make them operate at or near their maximum opacity, their power rating needs to be high. If the transformers are required to handle higher power than what they are capable of, they can get severely damaged. The maximum power that these transformers have to handle thus needs to be carefully measured, and one with a higher rating than that needs to be installed.

Efficiency – Power transformers also need to operate at high efficiency, which means that the losses from these transformers need to be minimized. These losses may occur either because of the core or the winding. High-quality materials should be used for these components to ensure maximum efficiency.

Dependability – Power transformers can operate effectively even if they work for 24 hours, without any intervals, provided that the components within the device can bear the high mechanical and electrical load. You need to thus purchase your power transformers in India from a reliable manufacturer, one like Miracle Electronics, who can ensure that the transformers you install can handle complex conditions, without breaking down during the operation. You need to let the manufacturer know every detail about the process and application, and you can have the most apt power transformer specially designed for you. Every specification like the primary voltage, secondary voltage, frequency of operation, and input/output can be taken care of by these experts.

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