Toroidal Transformer – The Best Partner For An Audio Amplifier


Audio amplifier – It’s a regular household appliance that is used to increase the amplitude of the sound in a unit, but what’s important to understand here is that the audio input into the amplifier is in the range of millivolts, which is too low, and if not handled using a suitable shielding, can be considered more as noise. So, how can this be managed?

Working of an audio amplifier

Let’s first understand the working of an audio amplifier before trying to manage the noise. An audio amplifier possesses shielded input audio signal carrying wires, power filters, and silent transformers. The shielded input wires avoid external noise from the main AC line and transformer. Moreover, with the transformer used, there’s a low impact on the signal cables running inside the cabinet. But, the magnetic lines of the transformer spread at a greater distance from the transformer, running through the cables near them, and at times, out of the amplifier cabinet too, which leads to unwanted voltage induced in the cables. This additional voltage creates a poor signal to noise ratio. Hence, only putting heavy shielding on the signal wire isn’t enough! So then, what is the solution?

Toroidal transformer – The best partner for an audio amplifier

What can help with the above problem is using the right kind of transformer. And, it’s a toroidal transformer that proves to be the best choice, as it’s capable of constraining the magnetic field, as the output wires that surround the transformer catch all the induction lines, and channel them to the output. But that’s not all! There is a lot more that a toroidal transformer can do when used in an audio amplifier.

A toroidal transformer can lower vibration and mechanical hum

An audio amplifier will possess some amount of vibration and mechanical hum, which will increase over time. The constant vibration creates an unstable output, and leads to a lot of power loss and poor efficiency. But, when a toroidal transformer is used, all the vibration is automatically dampened, without any external help.

A toroidal transformer can lower the operating temperature

With the concentrated magnetic field, toroidal transformers lead to very low losses. Moreover, the tightly wound windings lead to low eddy current and higher efficiency. All this, combined with the dampened vibration, results in a characteristic low temperature. High temperatures can result in system degradation, thus a reduced lifespan of the equipment. A toroidal transformer works to decrease this possibility by more than 50%!

A toroidal transformer results in a low weight

Over the last decade, the weight of the otherwise heavy amplifiers has considerably reduced, thanks to the increasing usage of toroidal transformers. After all, the governing player in weight management of an amplifier is the transformer used. And, a toroidal transformer is almost half the weight of other types of transformers.

You can see how a toroidal transformer proves to be such a magnificent partner of an audio amplifier. Equally outstanding is Miracle Electronics’ audio output transformer India, which have been strategically engineered to benefit circuit performance by transforming circuit impedances to optimize an amplifier’s noise performance. With these transformers, you can enjoy your audio as it is, without any disturbance, and without any compromise. To add to that, every audio output transformer available at Miracle Electronics is RoHS and REACH compliant, which assures no compromise in quality!

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