How Do Transformers And Inductors Differ?


Transformers and inductors are two important devices used in electronics, which are always confused to be the same by laymen. But in reality, they are actually two very different components, in spite the fact that they look similar in construction and appearance. Even though these two magnetic components look similar, they are very different in other aspects like design, construction elements, and applications. Here are some of the most common and notable differences between transformers and inductors that you should know about. So, take a look and understand these differences so that you can make a wise purchasing decision.

What are transformers?

  • Construction and functioning – Transformers are magnetic components that have two coils of insulated wires that are wound over an iron, ferrite, or steel lamination core, which are mainly used to covert AC at high voltage into low voltage, and vice versa. With the primary and secondary coils in place, a constantly varying magnetic field is created around the core when the primary coil is connected to a source with alternating current. As a result, an alternating current is produced in the secondary coil, which gives an output when it is connected to a separate electric circuit.
  • Applications – With this function and property, transformers are widely used in power conversion for commercial usage, in LED lighting, and in high voltage and electrostatic spraying applications.
  • Types – The most popular types of transformers are step up transformers, step down transformers, auto transformers, audio transformers, isolation transformers, and toroidal transformers. You can avail all these transformers and many more at Miracle Electronics, the leading transformer manufacturer in India, who have been serving the country with their best quality wide range of transformers since 1994! With immense research and expertise, we have been able to develop market leading innovations, committed to excellence and dedicated customer service. With all of this, we have evolved into a global company serving countries across the globe.

What are inductors?

Construction and functioning – Inductors are passive electrical components, also known as coil or choke, comprising of insulated magnetic wire wound into a coil. When current flows to this coil, the inductor temporarily stores energy in the magnetic field in the coil. Any change in the current that passes through the coil then creates voltage.

Applications – Inductors are mainly used to provide a specific amount of inductance in the circuit.

Types – The most popular types of inductors are air core, powdered iron core, ferrite core, and choke inductors.

Now you can see that although transformers and inductors look similar in appearance, they actually differ a lot in their construction, performance, applications, and types. Thus, they both serve different purposes in electronic applications. So now, understand what is exactly required by your particular application, and only then make a purchase. You can get in touch with a professional inductor and transformer manufacturer in Germany, who can help you understand more about their differences, and help you choose the right one as per your requirements.

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