What Are The Types And Benefits Of Medical Isolation Transformers?


Isolation transformers are those that provide galvanic Isolation between two or more windings that provides protection against spikes and noise. Transformers used in medical electronics should be able to meet strict safety standards as per the BS EN 60601 or any other relative standards like CSA c22.2 No. 125, VDE 0551 or IEC 601.1. There are many different applications in the medical industry that require Isolation transformers and each one of them requires a different design.

Class I transformers are conventional units that are safely earthed in a metal box. Class II transformers on the other hand are fitted in a fully enclosed non-conductive plastic case. In Class II transformers, the Secondary is always floating, and its lack of Secondary Earth reference causes certain groups of devices to interact, which they otherwise don’t when a mains connection allows them to filter noise using the mains neutral. Thus, Class II transformers are recommended to be fit to only one load.

It is very important to consider the safety of patients. Transformers used in the medical industry should be designed in such a way that under no conditions should they prove harmful to either the patients or operating personnel. This is why Miracle Electronics’ medical isolation transformers offer state-of-the-art technology along with a functional and aesthetic design to meet all the required standards. A secure galvanic separation is provided from the public power supply, which limits the leakage current of connected devices. The low stray magnetic fields and fault-tolerant design provide suitability to use these transformers near monitors. Thus, if you are looking for the best medical isolation transformer in India, Miracle Electronics is the place to contact. They manufacture the best-in-class transformers in India. These transformers are not only an ideal solution for medical diagnosis or medical electronic devices, but they can be used in IT equipment and video systems too.

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