Understanding The Benefits Of Isolation Transformers


Harmonics, noise, and electrical shocks are some of the problems that arise in power supply systems, which need to be instantly repaired. As much as you delay such fixes, you’ll be increasing the problems, thus damaging to your equipment, resulting in unnecessary financial problems. This makes it mandatory to use isolation transformers.

Isolation transformers work to transfer electricity from an AC power source to the device, by isolating the device from the source to enable safety. Unlike other types of transformers, isolation transformers have an equal number of coils in the primary and secondary windings, which means there is no increase or decrease in the voltage levels. Isolation transformers work to ensure a safe power supply, keeping an eye on the power consumption and utilization, while ensuring that electrical devices work with great performance for a long time, offering great safety levels.

Benefits of using isolation transformers

Instead of wasting your time and resources on purchasing something that may not be up to your expectations, you must clearly understand the benefits of using isolation transformers before purchasing one.

Isolation transformers offer extreme safety to equipment

Isolation transformers provide high levels of safety from power issues to different kinds of electrical appliances. Sudden shocks and voltage fluctuations can damage important components of the equipment, thus disrupting the normal functioning of the appliances. Isolation transformers separate such equipment from the power source, preventing such risks. In short, isolation transformers elongate the qualitative lifespan of the equipment.

Isolation transformers offer safety to the personnel

Medical grade isolation transformers are significantly used in medical equipment like those in hospitals and healthcare centers, where sensitive electrical and electronic equipment are used for diagnostics and treatments. Sudden shocks and voltage fluctuations not only damage the equipment, but can also harm the doctors, nurses, patients, and other personnel. Isolation transformers prevent such misfortunes, saving human lives.

Isolation transformers reduce the surges

Although isolation transformers are known to protect the appliances and personnel from power surges, they actually do not allow such a disaster to even take place. Even though the voltage spikes may occur for a short period, they can severely damage the equipment. Isolation transformers do not let such an episode to take place. They isolate the DC power signals, giving the equipment no chance of damaging the equipment due to surges. In other words, with isolation transformers, power surges are reduced.

Isolation transformers reduce the noise

In the case of audio amplifiers, while the signals reach the output circuit of the speakers, noise disturbances are evident. Isolation transformers solve this problem too, enabling noise reduction and improving the performance of the electrical devices. The transformers are designed with specific components called Faraday shields, which block the electrical field if there are any interruptions in the power flow. Any electromagnetic noise present in the equipment will thus get reduced.

Isolation transformers correct the harmonics

Several industrial machines use electric motors that lead to harmonic voltage distortions, which result in malfunctioning of the equipment. Isolation transformers help correct such harmonics, proving to be excellent saviours of electric and electronic equipment used in such industrial applications.

Isolation transformers avoid earthing failures

Isolation transformers do not let a conductive connection be built between the earth and the secondary end of the transformer. In this way, these transformers avoid earthing failures.

Isolation transformer improve power quality

Faraday shields present within the transformer block the electrical field, thus improving efficiency and decreasing the chances of current leakage. This also improves the quality of power supplied to the equipment.

By offering safety to the equipment, reducing the surges, correcting the harmonics, and improving power quality, isolation transformers increase the durability of the equipment. With all such benefits, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to use isolation transformers. But, while doing so, it is essential that you plan to purchase the right kind of isolation transformer from the right company. Miracle Electronics is a leading manufacturer of the best quality medical isolation transformer in India, where every transformer manufactured is RoHS and REACH compliant, and manufactured as per UL 60601-1 standards; thus ensuring quality and performance. It gives us an immense pleasure to declare with pride that our MIT has been added with CE certification by passing all the certification tests successfully. This is another added feather of upgradation in our continual improvement and commitment towards quality oriented product.

Our variants are of 300 |600 | 1000 |1500 & 1900 VA capacity.

Our MIT is designed with:

  • Input 220/230 50/60 Hz & 115/120 on 60 Hz respectively.
  • IEC Inlet fuse for each line
  • Line filter standard is of IEC 60939 UL 1283 CSA C22.2 no 8
  • The enclosure is made of sturdy aluminium with white finish (protection: IP20)
  • IEC 60320 outlets

Our product fulfils the requirements of IEC 60601-1:2005 (Third Edition) + CORR.1:2006 + CORR 2:2007 + A1:2012 (Attached our CE Test Report for your ready reference)

We look forward to get your requirements and give us an opportunity to serve you. We will be happy to extend our support and services.

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