Understanding Customized Cable Assemblies


Cable assemblies, wire harnesses, wiring assemblies, wiring looms – call it whatever you may, it’s all the same – all leading to a product that assembles electrical wires or cables to transmit signals or power. The wires used, the binding material, other components, the size, all of it differs from one application to another. It is thus a better option to have your cable assemblies customized to suit your particular application and purpose, where the materials, design, and size are all decided based on your requirements and preferences. And, when you want the best quality customized cable assemblies, you turn to Miracle Electronics, your one stop destination for all your cable assembly solutions. Every product you receive from us is approved for quality by DGAQA and MSQAA, our production processes being certified for quality to ISO 9001, AS9100C, thus proving that we are the most reliable and qualified cable assembly manufacturer from India.

How are customized cable assemblies manufactured?

If you’re wondering how you can have such tiny components customized, we’ll tell you that these components, as much tiny as they are, they’re equally important for an application too. Thus, getting your cable assemblies customized means better quality and better performance, thus having your application run productively, and for longer.

So, when you want your cable assemblies manufactured, you first communicate all your requirements and ever other detail about your applications with the manufacturer. You tell them what the application is, where it is to be installed, what situations and environments it will encounter, and any kind of challenges it will have to face while in use.

Based on all the information, the manufacturer will then design the assembly and every tiny component to optimize them for functionality, performance, and a long life. If it is a new product you’re introducing, you can first have a prototype made to test the design before entering into the mass production phase. This avoids expensive mid-run design changes, wastage, and future errors. Once the prototype is tested and approved, mass production will be carried out. However, even after mass production, every cable will be tested for function and safety to ensure reliability and consistency. Thus, no matter what your project size, you will always have tested and approved products in hand!

Various options for customizing your cable assemblies

  • First and foremost, you can decide on having your cable assemblies handmade or automated. This is heavily decided upon by mainly the project volume as well as the complexity involved. For a small volume of assemblies with a simple design, handmade processes can be used. But, if the volume is huge, or if complexities are involved, automation is much better.
  • You can choose on the kind of special materials you want to use for your insulation, jacketing, and bundling. Your cables can be routed through sleeves, taped with fabric tape, or fastened with cable ties.
  • Cutting, stripping, and crimping methods, or deciding on the type of components to be placed at the terminals, is also decided based on the design and application.
  • Lastly, you can also decide on the kinds of colours you want to code your cables with for easy identification and installation. Or, you may also have your cables labelled or jacketed differently for the same.

Which applications can call for customized cable assemblies?

Customized cable assemblies are better used in every kind of usage, but they are especially required in crucial applications like automotives, telecommunications, industrial controls, military usage, medical equipment, and the like. So, whenever you have a crucial task to achieve, you could always approach a genuine cable assembly manufacturer from India like Miracle Electronics to have your products made to suit your every choice and need. Communicate your requirements and choices, and let us help you decide to the perfect cable assembly design for your particular application.

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