Why Should You Use Fluoropolymers For Your Cable Insulation?


Wires and cables are a part of our everyday lives with so many electrical products that we use. But, with the high amount of power that comes in, it is important to use safe wiring; and this is why the wires are always insulated in jackets. Insulation is one of the primary things that must be considered while manufacturing or purchasing wires; especially the material that’s used. Fluoropolymer is one material that is uniquely used in manufacturing insulation of wires. Let’s take a look at the multiple benefits that come with fluoropolymer insulation.

Fluoropolymer insulation possess extreme temperature resistance properties

Every electrical appliance, and thus every cable, works in a very different environment. Some may be installed in dry environments, others in wet atmospheres; some may need to encounter extremely hot climates, others may need to perform in chilling weathers. Then, there may be certain environments that change with time amidst scorching heat, chilly winds, heavy rainfall, and unwarranted storm. These changing external factors demand precise kinds of wires and cables that can perform well in any situation. Fluoropolymers solve the problem as they have extreme temperature resistance properties

Fluoropolymer insulation possess chemical resistance properties

Just as much as extreme temperatures can affect the performance of a wire, so can chemicals. Thus, for the wires and cables that need to be used in heavy machinery units or in chemical factories, there is danger of both temperature and chemicals. Here again, fluoropolymers win the race. These materials are highly chemical resistant too! If the wire insulation goes down due to chemical exposure, the wires within can corrode, thus reducing electrical performance and leading to project failure. But, fluoropolymers don’t let this happen.

Fluoropolymer insulation reduces the size and weight of the cable

As we all know how every product is becoming smaller and compact, which is why there are very small spaces left for every component; and the same goes for cables. Fluoropolymer insulation is comparatively very thin, which means they can easily fit smaller spaces. The thinner insulation also reduces the weight of the cables.

Fluoropolymer insulation is extremely flexible

Certain applications require continuous movements, causing mechanical stress on the components. This can create problems for typical insulation materials. But, with fluoropolymers, the consistent cell structure is unique, allowing maximum resistance against strain. Fluoropolymers are thus extremely flexible in nature.

Fluoropolymer insulation offers utmost efficiency

Electricity transmission along the wires should be of utmost efficiency. Fluoropolymers again prove to be the best here as they do not interfere with the internal working of the wires, and thus doesn’t alter the results.

Fluoropolymer insulation can run very long distances

Not every material works well throughout a long length of wire. And, when the application requires really long wires, those running over hundreds of meters, fluoropolymer proves to be the best bet as it can cover long distances with no limitations or restrictions.

Fluoropolymer insulation reduces energy loss

The receiving end of any cable must get the exact amount of energy required, with no energy loss. Fluoropolymers have a low friction coefficient, meaning that there is less energy loss associated with insulation.

To conclude, we can see how fluoropolymers win in every aspect. Temperature resistance, chemical resistance, compactness, flexibility, efficiency, longer length, and zero energy loss – all these small benefits when clubbed together, offer the resulting cable a longer lifespan and better performance, thus keeping the maintenance costs lower, and lesser requirement of repairing or replacement. Whether you are beginning a new project, or are willing to replace your old jacketed wires, fluoropolymers should now be your first choice. You can choose to have your wires and cables perfectly customized as per your requirements to the materials, length, purpose, and more at Miracle Electronics, the leader in manufacturing high quality standard wires and cable harness assembly in India.

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