Why Should You Use Overmoulded Cable Assemblies?


Every electrical appliance requires cables to operate; and when there are many cables to be installed into a single application, they are generally input as cable assemblies. These cable assemblies combine multiple cables together into a single unit, making it organized and easy to install, so that installation, maintenance, and repairing becomes easier and faster, without any errors. Further, these assemblies are overmoulded to improve their functionality so that they can perform even in the harshest environments, while being able to withstand shocks, vibration, and flexing without any damage. Other than these, there are many other benefits that overmoulding brings. Let us take a look at some of them; after which you can get in touch with Miracle Electronics, one of the leading cable assembly manufacturers in India, to get the finest quality overmoulded cables for any kind of application.

Overmoulding protects against shock and vibration

If your electrical connections are required for the automotive industry or aviation industry, or are to be installed in applications that are exposed to high shock or vibration, or other extreme environmental pressures, they could be prone to mechanical failures. Therefore, you need to be very careful and take proper measures during the designing phase itself. If you include overmoulding in such cases, the plastic resin will fill the space around internal components, leaving no space or air gaps, due to which the components will not be able to shift or move even in the most extreme conditions of vibration or shock.

Overmoulding protects against any environmental constraints

When the application is under extreme temperature, or exposed to chemicals, or prone to friction, it can significantly affect the quality and thus, the lifespan of your electrical connections. However, in such cases, overmoulding your product can create an ultra-rugged barrier around the critical electrical connections, to prevent abrasion, corrosion, or any kind of damage. When you mention all your application details and requirements to any of the cable assembly manufacturers in India, they will be able to determine the materials to be used for your particular cable moulding, as all materials used are application-specific.

Overmoulding helps products stand against strain

When the application requires frequent mating and unmating, improper handling can result in the wires being pulled apart from the connector, resulting in failure of the electrical component. Overmoulding can work against this and deal with all kinds of strains to help your product stand up to any strain level.

Overmoulding reduces the size required

Overmoulding results in a compact product, meaning lesser space used, which enables designers to minimize the size of their equipment. This means no more bulkiness or requirement of a large space. Moreover, this compactness also protects internal elements like resistors, diodes, switches, etc.

Overmoulding boosts the IP rating of the product

When deciding for overmoulding, materials can be specified during the design phase itself to produce material bonds, which results in a watertight seal around the critical electrical connections. With this, overmoulding can help you achieve IP ratings of 67, 68, or 69K standards, no matter whether you wish to meet a specific IP rating, or just wish to extend the level of protection of your electrical components.

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