Want An Efficient, High-Performing, Simple, And Economical Transformer?


EI transformer is a traditional transformer whose core is made with a combination by laminations shaped E and I; thus the name.

Properties of EI transformers

Simple structure – EI transformers can be manufactured very easily because it has a very simple structure. Most manufacturers can manufacture EI transformers because of this ease of production.

Economical price – It is very easy to find EI transformer components in the market, which makes these transformers an economical solution for any project, and thus quite affordable.

Treated materials – EI laminations of the EI transformers are generally made with H50, H18, or Z11 materials that have undergone annealing treatment by high temperature, helping it to deliver consistent performance.

Copper wire – With the use of oxygen-free copper to make the wires of an EI transformer, there is high conductivity and zero hydrogen embrittlement. This property makes EI transformers most preferable in audio equipment and vacuum electronic components.

Applications of EI transformers

  • EI transformers are widely used in electronic equipment because of their efficiency and economic benefits.
  • At 50-60 Hz, EI transformers are used as power transformers.
  • In audio applications, EI transformers are used a tube power transformers and output transformers.
  • The E and I laminations have a certain amount of air gap between them; the air gap that is adjustable by filling some medium, making it suitable to make output transformers and chokes.

These are just a few of the many applications that EI transformers are used in. No matter what your application is, if you’re looking for a simple and economical transformer that is high on efficiency, EI transformer is your solution. And, to get the best quality transformer at the best price, you need to approach a reliable EI transformer manufacturer in India, one like Miracle Electronics. Here, you’ll only get RoHS and REACH compliant transformers which ensure quality and performance. Not only that; you can also choose to get other related products included in your package, such as cold rolled grain or non-grain oriented steel cores, self-lead with Teflon, PVC cables, connectors, sleeves, thermal fuses, thermal switches, and more.

Workmanship and custom service

When purchasing transformers for any application, you always need only the best service. This is again where Miracle Electronics is the name you can rely upon. Right from picking up the core and calculating an appropriate copper wire to manufacturing and testing, every single EI transformer should undergo very strict processing flow. After all, only strict processing techniques can guarantee a high-quality end product. Understanding this, Miracle Electronics guarantees strict processing techniques. Furthermore, we also have the capabilities to manufacture and supply custom-made EI transformers to satisfy every special customer’s requests and needs. In addition, if size and weight are constraints, you’ll want to look for other kinds of transformers like power, toroidal, medical isolation, etc. We have the capabilities to serve these requests too! All in all, we are a versatile EI transformer manufacturer in India.

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