What Is Balanced Power?


Balanced AC is 120 volts that has been split evenly across two AC mains, with one phase being +60V and the other being -60V. Reactive currents represent unused energy that has been discharged onto the power lines from the impedance load, as the source voltage is altered. High levels of such reactive currents present in the power can crash entire systems! Apart from reactive currents, there are many other Power Quality issues involved that can affect equipment performance; one of them being Power Factor.

What is Power Factor?

When true power used by a load equals to something less than the apparent power being supplied, reactive currents make up the difference. The ratio between this true and apparent power is the Power Factor. The ratio is ideally 1:1, but may differ in certain scenarios. A low Power Factor means that the efficiency of equipment power supplies will be affected, which is the main reason why sound equipment sounds better at night.

Reactive currents and audio signal circuits

Reactive currents in the ground can find their way into audio signal circuits. An alternate current path is created through electronics between opposite reactive potentials across a power supply via the AC ground. The reactive currents complete the circuit through sensitive signal-circuit electronics, looping through whatever grounding or signal path that is available. This is what creates the disturbance or noise in the sound.

Balanced power – the solution

To counteract the noise spoken of above, what is required is balanced power, which is a properly designed source of EMF for electronics. On opposite mains, reactive currents are out of phase to each other. Travelling back through the mains, the reactive current flows into the ground at the centre tap of the transformer. This results in phase cancellation, where an equal presence of inversely phased reactive currents resulting in everything collapsing at the signal reference. This phenomenon of phase cancellation is what is at the heart of how balanced power eliminates interference.

The future of balanced power

AC harmonics has invaded almost every branch of modern technology. This means that the requirement of balanced power is only set to increase in the coming future. Hence, stay ready to see for a long time a simple, elegant, and clean way of applying power to electronics, especially fruitful for sensitive equipment. Balanced power is a foundation on which high performance audio systems are being and will continue to be built.

How to achieve balanced power?

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