Who, What, Why And Where Of Transformers


We all know what the famous ‘W’s are – Who? What? Why? When? Where? Which? Do you know that most of these Ws can be asked in the case of transformers too? Here are the questions that almost every individual dealing with transformers would want to have the answers to.

  • Who invented the transformer?
  • What are the different types of transformers?
  • Why should a transformer be used?
  • Where can one get the best quality transformer?

Let us go through all these questions one by one in detail.

Who invented the transformer?

The main principle on which transformers operate is electromagnetic induction, which was discovered by Michael Faraday in 1831. He performed an experiment on the induction between coils of wire to prove his invention. However, there were other three – Ottó Bláthy, Miksa Déri and Károly Zipernowsky – who first designed and used the transformer in both commercial and experimental systems. Later, Lucien Gaulard, Sebstian Ferranti and William Stanley perfected the design.

What are the different types of transformers?

There are multiple varieties available in transformers, the main categories being power transformers, instrument transformers, pulse transformers, RF transformers and audio transformers. All of these contain multiple sub-categories. However, the most popular ones today include toroidal, medical isolation, power, audio output, three phase, EI, audio line matching, SMPS and UI. All these are differently built and have different functions and usages. You must know which transformer is the most suitable for your requirement.

Why should a transformer be used?

Transformers are basically the equipment used to transfer electrical energy from power plants to homes and industries. This power has to travel long distances before reaching its destination, which is why it gets altered. It is of very high voltage when it begins from its source but, it gets lowered when it reaches its sub-station, and steps down even more when it reaches the transformer. Thus, transformers are used so that the high voltage electricity that comes from the power plants reaches you in an efficient, safe and economical manner.

Where can one get the best quality transformer?

Transformers are used widely across the globe for a variety of different purposes. They are used personally at homes, or are used by government and industries in many different areas. Electrical engineering students also use small types of transformers for educational purposes. There are many others who would like to have transformers customized according to their preferences and requirements. So, you need a manufacturer who can offer you not only the readily built transformers but also, options to have your transformers customized. Therefore, if you are looking for one such place, it is Miracle Electronics, the leading transformer manufacturer in India, where all types of transformers are built using the finest quality materials and processes.

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