Why Wire Assembly Manufacturers Must Focus On Maintenance?


When manufacturing wire assemblies, its not only design and performance that matters, but manufacturers need to think ahead of that too. What we’re speaking about is the maintenance of wire assemblies. Easy maintenance is a very significant key feature that must be emphasized on, but is generally ignored. And that’s why it’s important that you partner with those wire assembly manufacturers from India who focus on every aspect like design, performance, maintenance, and after sales service; so that you can ensure not only the best products, but also the finest service. One such manufacturer who tops the list is Miracle Electronics, whose products are certified and approved by DGAQA and MSQAA for platform specific applications; and production processes are certified for quality to ISO 9001 and AS9100C. Let’s help you know what makes Miracle Electronics such a successful wiring assembly manufacturer.

Miracle Electronics uses the right types of wires for the usage

Selecting the right type of wire is absolutely important, depending upon the particular application and usage. Whether to use a solid or stranded wire is a decision that is to be made correctly depending upon the requirements to be fulfilled. An incorrect type of wire may result in product failures, insufficient insulation and shielding, safety concerns, and compliance issues. Both solid and stranded wires are significantly different in terms of design, function, and performance. While solid wires are durable and strong, being able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, thus resulting in better performance and stable electrical characteristics; stranded wires offer flexibility, malleability, and easy-to-bend capabilities, making them best suited for applications that require constant flexing and twisting.

Miracle Electronics uses the right kind of insulation and shielding

Using the right insulation is what can protect data and signal lines from electromagnetic interference that is very common to work environments. Because the electromagnetic interference affects any electronic circuitry exposed to an electromagnetic field, the electronic device becomes susceptible to the interference. This interference is generally created by natural or man-made sources, such as a solar storm, lightning, cellular networks, and ignition systems. And, to provide a conductive layer against such interference, wire assemblies need to be insulated well. Also, shielding such wires can help reduce electrical noise and its impact on signals, thus lowering the interference.  Shielding also prevents adjacent cables from cross-talk, and the machinery and operators against exposure from electromagnetic fields. The shielding could be spiral, metal-coated, braided, or foil, each having a different capacity of reducing electrical noise. Thus, it is important to analyze every important aspect, and then finalize on the type of insulation and shielding.

Miracle Electronics tests every assembly before delivery

Electrical safety testing is an important step in the manufacturing of wire assemblies. There can be several different methods of testing that can be conducted to ensure the assembly functions as designed, depending upon the type of application. But, the most common types of electrical tests performed are Hipot test for high voltage, continuity test, resistance test, and VSWR test. All such tests and more are important before installing the assemblies into the application device, so that any incorrect or defective wires can be identified and repaired to avoid wastage of costs and time in the future. Moreover, such testing can also ensure highest quality components.

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