Different Types Of Popular Transformers


Transformers are electrical instruments that are used to transfer current from one source to another. They are available in different kinds like electric, current, isolation, toroidal, audio, high voltage and many more. All of these are manufactured in different ways and to satisfy different demands of customers, may it be industries or for general usage. Miracle Electronics is a leading transformer manufacturer in India who manufactures many different types of transformers to be sold at reasonable and affordable prices, without compromising on quality of materials used and the labour involved. Here is a list of some of the transformers popularly used.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Automatic Voltage Stabilizers With Dry-Type Transformers?

What-Are-The-Benefits-Of-Using-Automatic-Voltage-Stabilizers-With-Dry-Type-TransformersAutomatic voltage stabilizers automatically correct the voltage at regular intervals, resulting in a consistent voltage being supplied to motors. This consistent voltage helps in an efficient operation of electrical equipment, preventing any kind of damage caused to them due to voltage fluctuations. This increases the efficiency and decreases the maintenance costs involved for all your equipment. Ultimately this will result in zero production loss and will improve the efficiency of your plant.

What Are The Types And Benefits Of Medical Isolation Transformers?

What-Are-The-Types-And-Benefits-Of-Medical-Isolation-TransformersIsolation transformers are those that provide galvanic Isolation between two or more windings that provides protection against spikes and noise. Transformers used in medical electronics should be able to meet strict safety standards as per the BS EN 60601 or any other relative standards like CSA c22.2 No. 125, VDE 0551 or IEC 601.1. There are many different applications in the medical industry that require Isolation transformers and each one of them requires a different design.

Importance Of Transformers In Daily Life

Importance-Of-Transformers-In-Daily-LifeCan you imagine your life without electricity? Or, can you imagine even a day without electricity? Obviously not! Electricity is one of the most important elements of our daily life. We have so many appliances, electronics and gadgets today that are the most precious to us. And, we can obviously not use all of these technologies if we have no electric current. But with electricity, there are so many issues of power cuts across the country. Many cities in India face sudden power failures and voltage problems, and continuous issues like these results in the breakdown of appliances within our home. So, is there a solution to this? There is only one way out to set these problems right – and that is by using a transformer.