Miracle Electronic’s Three phase transformers are used across numerous industries increasingly as a preferred to product to effectively change values of three phase voltage and current to desired units.

Miracle Electronic’s Three-phase (3φ) transformers are used for efficient and fault free electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution, as well as for all industrial uses. A reliable power supply presupposes a sufficiently large supply system with high-performance transformers. The high quality standards set by MIRACLE are appreciated throughout the industry and our products ourselves stand able testimony to this claim.

MMiracle Electronic’s Three Phase Transformers: Fault Free Generation, Transmission and Distribution.
Miracle Electronics manufactures Power transformers up to 30 KVA in accordance with International standards and supplies to markets across the globe.

All our Power Transformers are RoHS Compliant, High, Reach Compliant, CE and UL Marked with request.

General Product Features & Inclusions
  • Self-Lead
  • TEX E Wires
  • PVC Cables
  • Sleeves
  • Connectors
  • L Clamp
  • U Brackets
  • Flange Type Mounting
  • With CRGO core / with CRNGO / with Round cores
  • Class B /F insulation
  • Epoxy Mounting arrangements
Product Variants available:
  • 1, 10, 20 , 25 , 50 ,100, 500 VA ,1 KVA , 5 KVA ,10 KVA Air cooled
  • 120 /240 V / 415 V
  • 1 Phase – 3 Phase
  • 50 Hz – 60 Hz
  • Low height & Low Profile

Miracle Electronics also undertakes requests for custom design and development of Three Phase Transformers. Please contact our Customer Support Team for more details.