Cable Assemblies, Wiring Harnesses, And Looms – Are They All The Same?


Cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and looms are all terms that are used interchangeably, but all the three are actually quite different from the other. The differences are in the way they are constructed and how they are used. While all the three are basically used to transfer electronic power or data signals between two points, when you get into the details, you’ll know how different they all actually are.

Cable assembly

Cable assemblies, following a predetermined layout, neatly hold a number of wires together, incorporating both individual wires as well as multicore cables within the design. The wiring system in a cable assembly is placed within an outer protective sheath made of rubber, polyurethane, vinyl, or heat-shrink plastic, in order to protect the wires and cables within from exposure to outer elements like extreme temperature, moisture, chemicals, and fire. Cable assemblies are a little expensive as compared to wire harnesses, thanks to the protection offered by the outer sheath.

Wire harness

Wire harnesses are the simplest form of wiring systems, which involve several wires of a required length bound together to save space, and also prevent damage during usage. The binding may involve heat shrinks, cable ties, or electrical tape. There may or may not be an outer covering in wire harnesses. Further, even if there is an outer covering, its basic function will be only to organize the wires, keeping them in a specific position, and minimizing the amount of movement that can take place. The outer covering may or may not offer any particular protection against environmental conditions. Also, the wire harnesses may or may not be terminated by connectors. Systems that have wires that go in multiple directions will have different termination components. The production of such wire harnesses is quite simple, which means they can be produced quickly and at reasonable costs. Moreover, this type of wiring system is cheapest and most effective when the same wiring setup is repeated multiple times, like in the case of mass-produced goods.

Wire loom

Wire looms are more complex assemblies made up of different wires and cables, and many other components and terminations, in a much more complex layout than a cable assembly, using multiple binding techniques. But, with the wire loom design, material wastage is reduced, thanks to the space-saving designs that are made by minimizing the wiring footprint of the product. Wire looms allow for partial or complete solutions for applications like vehicles, aircraft, and household appliances. Moreover, wire looms can significantly reduce installation times, thus saving on overall costs.

Now that you know the difference between each, you should be in a better position to decide as to what kind of product you want for your particular application. Whether you want a cable assembly, wire harness, or wire loom, you can always get in touch with Miracle Electronics, the one-stop solution for it all. Electrical products produced by such specialist manufacturers bring a superior quality finish, incorporating quality assurance procedures to reduce the risk of faults in the finished products. Hence, Miracle Electronics proves to be the best solution when you’re looking for a reliable specialist cable assembly, wire harness, and looms manufacturer in India.

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