Why And How Can You Enhance The Look Of Your PCB?


Visual appeal is one of the most important facets of every product today. What shows, sells. And, the same goes for a PCB assembly from India too. So, if you want to make your PCBs visually appealing, there is nothing wrong with that. There are many who want their PCBs to look visually appealing, which is why they opt for special PCB art designing, which is the practice of putting high quality visual designs and patterns on a circuit board, such as text, logos, pictures, graphics, customized colours, etc.

What Are Power Conditioners?


It is the age of electronics, where no one can do without these devices. Refrigerators to keep food and drinks cold and fresh, microwave ovens to warm and cook delicacies, air conditioners to keep you cool, water heaters to bring you soothing water during the winters, televisions to keep you entertained and informed – all of these have become a must in every household. And, because they perform so much and so well, you can imagine the amount of circuitry that may go behind making them work! All this circuitry and the elements involved are all very sensitive and expensive.

Balanced Or Unbalanced Cables – Which Is The Right Choice?


Audio cables bring about a major impact on the quality of sound of a system, which is very important while live streaming or recording a live event production. An audio cable always has the potential to add noise and distortion, which means that it is very necessary to use the right cable. And, this is where we need to understand the difference between balanced and unbalanced cables. Understanding which cables to use and when to use them requires good knowledge; so here’s giving you the right information about the same.

PCB Assembly – Every Aspect Of Quality Management


In today’s world where only quality and perfection is what is looked for in every aspect, may it be people or products and services, quality is the key to survival and development. Quality should be maintained at every stage of the production process, may it be purchase, production, management, inspection, or packaging. When speaking about a PCB assembly from India, there are a variety of checks that need to be done to ensure their quality and performance, some of which include –

Testing A PCB For Short Circuit

Testing A PCB For Short Circuit

You definitely know that one particular smell you get when your electric appliance or wires have burned away due to a short circuit, right? This causes a state of panic and a warning of some serious expenses. The same can happen in the case of PCBs too. Just like wires burn out, PCBs can short circuit too. So, the next time you get that weird yet particular smell from your electronic device, you may guess that it is a short circuited PCB. But, don’t just jump to the decision. Make sure you know that it is that particular fault, and not something else. So, how do you make a check? There are four important steps you can follow to check for a short circuit in a PCB assembly from India. Here they are.

The Power Transformer Market – Present & Future


Power transformers are meant to take an alternating current and convert it into another form of current by means of induction. Right from the huge National Grids down to the daily appliances that we use, power transformers are seen almost everywhere. They are used in a wide range of applications across a multitude of residences, commercial spaces, and industries.

Flexible PCB Assembly – What It Is


Earlier, when only rigid PCBs were available, electronic devices were built to conform to the circuit board. But now, with the advent of flexible PCBs, the circuitry is designed to fit electronic devices. Flexible PCBs, as the name suggests, are flexible, built with a malleable base material and characterized by a distinctly patterned printed circuitry and component arrangement.

Basic Components Seen On A PCB

We are living in a world full of electronics today, both big and small, but all of them highly relying on PCB assemblies for functioning. These PCB assemblies are tiny components, but they comprise a lot of elements connected together to work simultaneously. While every electronic gadget requires a different kind of PCB assembly, but the basic components remain the same. Just in case you are inquisitive to know what all comprise a PCB, which is why you might be on this page, here is a list of the basic components mounted on a general PCB assembly from India.

Machineries Used For Manufacturing And Testing A PCB


With large numbers of PCBs being manufactured every day, manufacturers are opting for automated processes with innumerous machines being used to fulfill all the procedures. Machines not only make the task easier for the manufacturers, but faster and accurate too. Now, if you are inquisitive about what kinds of machineries are used, and how, then this blog is the perfect place for you. Here, we will let you know about all the machineries used at each stage of the PCB manufacturing process – paste application, component placement, soldering, and inspection/testing.

5 Important Things To Be Determined Before Designing A PCB


When manufacturing a PCB assembly, there is a lot that needs to be kept in mind like the materials, the components, the substrate, and all other elements to be installed. But, along with this, there are many other aspects that need to be considered too while assembling a PCB. Listed below are the five most vital aspects that need to be considered; those that you might not have known about yet.