Avoiding Delays On A Quick-Turn PCB Order


With the rising demand of electronics, the manufacturing of PCBs is also increasing at a great speed. In fact, there is a high demand of extreme quick-turn prototype orders so that prototypes can be acquired at the earliest, tested, and then put into full-run production in the shortest possible time. Although it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to fulfill a zero-delay order, as a customer, you could also help in avoiding delays to your PCB order. How? Let’s take a look.

What Are 3 Phase Auto Transformers?

Transformers are basically used to increase or decrease voltages in an electric circuit using the principle of electromagnetic induction, when the supply voltage or line voltage available does not match the input voltage requirements of the device that needs to be operated. There are a variety of different types of transformers used for different applications, each having a different construction and working. But, the basic of every transformer generally remains the same – there are one primary and one secondary coils wound around a core that are responsible for transferring electrical energy by means of a changing magnetic field.

5 Most Important Considerations For PCB Power Supply Design


Have you ever pondered over how power is transferred within PCBs to power up our appliances? There are so many tiny components within a single PCB board that designing such a complex power supply to help reach every minute component, requires immense skill, time, and effort. Moreover, with the increase in circuit design density and complexity, the complexity of the design also becomes more magnified. Only a perfect power supply design can overcome this challenge. But, for a perfect design, all the possible problems need to be dealt with. Some such problems that need to be addressed include electromagnetic interference, component selection, reduced current loops, and trace design to handle high currents. In addition, many important parameters like voltage, current, and heat loss need to be considered too. Let’s take a look at the five most important considerations for a PCB power supply design.

What Is An Air Core Transformer?

What-Is-An-Air-Core-TransformerAir core transformers, as the name itself suggests, are transformers that have air in their core, unlike other transformers that have some or the other sort of metal around which wires are wound. These are primary transformers that are used in various types of electronic radio and communication devices. The best usage is in small electronic applications like radio transmission.

PCB – The Various Colours Available


When you think of a PCB, you’ll imagine a green board with golden coloured dots and lines, and a lot of pins, sockets, and all sorts of tiny electrical components. Did you realize how we mentioned the word “green” in the above sentence? This does not mean that a PCB is always green in colour. You may or may not be surprised to know that a PCB is not always a green coloured board; it could be many other colours like black, white, yellow, red, pink, purple, and blue. Here, there could be two possible questions arising in out mind –

  • Why so many colour options for a mere circuit board?
  • If there are so many colour options available, why do we always visualize green when thinking of a PCB?

Step Down Transformers For Low Voltage Transmission


The electronics that we use everyday like fans, lights, air conditioners, geysers, microwave ovens, washing machines, and refrigerators, are all dependent on transformers for perfect functioning. That’s because the power supplied to simple household appliances and sophisticated industrial equipment may be too high or too low. There’s a lot of technology that goes in using low power and high power transmission between circuits; and this is where transformers do the job. The invention of transformers can be considered revolutionary as it changed the way power is transmitted and voltage is regulated. While there are a number of transformer types available, the two main types that are mainly used are step up and step down transformers. Step up transformers are used to increase the voltage of power, while step down transformers are used to reduce the electrical voltage. Let’s take a look at how step down transformers work, and how and where they are used.

Why Should You Use Fluoropolymers For Your Cable Insulation?


Wires and cables are a part of our everyday lives with so many electrical products that we use. But, with the high amount of power that comes in, it is important to use safe wiring; and this is why the wires are always insulated in jackets. Insulation is one of the primary things that must be considered while manufacturing or purchasing wires; especially the material that’s used. Fluoropolymer is one material that is uniquely used in manufacturing insulation of wires. Let’s take a look at the multiple benefits that come with fluoropolymer insulation.

Buying Electrical Transformers The Right Way


Electrical transformers are integral for proper functioning of any electrical device, if the supply voltage is not the same as the operating voltage. However, you can’t just use any transformer available. There are a wide range of transformers, each having its own construction and purpose, from which you need to choose the most appropriate transformer for your application. Not every transformer can be used for every application. Some of the most common transformers include power transformers, step-up and step-down transformers, isolation transformers, auto transformers, toroidal transformers, UI transformers, EI transformers, and SMPS transformers. But, which transformer should you choose for your application? Below are some aspects you need to consider before buying a transformer so that you are able to find the right one.

Cutting Down Costs While Designing A Quality Cable Harness Assembly


You may think that designing a customized cable assembly can prove to be expensive as compared to buying a readily available one. That’s true, and in fact, it’s factual for any product that you have tailor-made rather than buying off-the-shelf. That’s because any manufacturer will get off his regular schedules and specifications to design something that is different from their regular routines. It could be different materials, different processes, different design elements, etc. Anything that sets apart a product from the regular production is definitely going to be a little expensive, and you can’t blame the manufacturer for that. So, if you are looking for a customized cable harness assembly at a rate same as that of a readily available one, it’s practically impossible. But, as we say this, we also let you know that it is possible to be able to cut down on significant costs even while customizing your product. This means that although you may not get it at the same rate as an off-the-shelf assembly, but you could also avoid paying some hefty prices that the manufacturer may actually ask you for. How? Read on.

Choosing A Reliable Transformer Manufacturer


Transformers ensure stable voltage levels, such that the end product receives only the right amount of power to run, without damaging it from any sudden power surges. These transformers are available in a wide range of output voltage levels, and it is very important to be able to choose the right kind of transformer that can satisfy your power requirements perfectly. And, this can be possible only when you choose a reliable transformer manufacturer whose decisions you can trust and depend upon. Let’s help you know some of the main factors you need to consider while choosing an electrical transformer manufacturer.