Why Are Transformers So Important In Our Daily Lives?


Electricity plays a major role in our daily lives. As we’re so dependent on the lights, fans, air conditions, geysers, water purifiers, refrigerators, and more, we can’t even imagine life without electricity, can we!? Every electrical and electronic appliance that we use requires electricity to either run, or to be charged. So, where does transformer come in at play in the entire system?

How Important Is An EMS Provider For A Supply Chain?


An effective and efficient supply chain is important to help a business succeed. For instance, an EMS provider’s business will also depend upon the way and speed at which electronic components can be procured. And, this is why, it is important to choose the right EMS provider, probably one like Miracle Electronics, who offers nothing but only the best Electronics Manufacturing Services in India. Let’s help you know how partnering with a good EMS provider can facilitate all the required supply chain needs effectively.

Cleaning A Printed Circuit Board


PCBs are the heart and brain of electronic devices today, whether the devices belong to the entertainment industry, automotive industry, medical industry, or any other trade. This is why it is advisable to approach only expert professionals offering the best Electronics ManufacturingServices in India to help you get the most suitable PCBs for your industry and application.

Using High-Frequency Transformers In Switching Power Supply


There is a rising urge of electronics usage in the market today, which has been driven by a steady stream of design innovation. Industrial and consumer markets expect new product iteration to provide enhanced performance and increased functionality, packed into a smaller size. To be able to satisfy all these capabilities, it is important that components are chosen very carefully so that they can provide optimal performance and value to end-users. It is important to understand how each component used can have an effect on the ultimate performance of the design.

Does Your Electronics Manufacturer Hold Accreditations?


When you consider choosing an electronics manufacturing service provider to work with, you’ll check for every possible aspect like experience, expertise, time to market, costs, relationships with suppliers, reviews, etc. But, what about policies and accreditations? Have you considered checking upon these aspects? If not, you must! Certifications can give you the perfect insight into the standards that the service provider adheres to, and whether you can completely rely on them for standard quality products and processes, or not.

SMPS Non-Isolated Converters – The Three Types


Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) are much complex as compared to linear regulated power supplies, but the complexity results in stable regulated DC supply, delivering more efficiency at a lesser weight and cost. There are two main categories of SMPS topologies – isolated converters and non-isolated converters. But, in this blog, we’ll take a closer look at only non-isolated converter topologies, focusing on three main types of converters – buck, boost, and buck-boost.

Be Prepared Before Speaking To An EMS Provider


If you’ve decided to outsource your manufacturing operations to a third party service provider, it’s a very wise decision you’ve taken. This decision can help you get professional quality products, while saving time and reducing risk. So, have you already hired an EMS provider? Or, have you yet spoken to one for quotations? If not, then hold on! Because, before you reach out, there are a number of things you need to do in order to have a productive conversation with an EMS provider about how they will be able to meet your requirements.

What Is Toroidal Power Transformer?


The basic purpose of every kind of transformer is to transfer power between two parts of an electrical circuit, keeping it safe for the application and the operator by increasing or decreasing the voltage as required. This makes transformers a very integral component of almost every electrical system. But, different transformers are constructed differently to serve different purposes.

Are All Transformer Manufacturers Same?


Transformers are an integral element of almost all electronics and electrical systems. There are a variety of different transformer types available, each having a unique construction, a unique working, and a unique purpose to solve. And, every different type of transformer requires a different skill and specialization to be constructed. So, you should know who you should approach when you need a transformer manufactured. Not every transformer manufacturer may be able to build every kind of transformer. That’s because not every transformer manufacturer is the same. So, when you’re looking to have a transformer made, make sure you approach a trusted, experienced, and reliable manufacturer. The best bet is to partner with Miracle Electronics for all your custom transformer manufacturing requirements. After all, we have been in the industry of manufacturing a variety of different transformers like power, toroidal, medical isolation, SMPS, UI, EI, audio, single phase, and three phase, for clients in varying industries since more than a decade; thus making us the most versatile transformer manufacturer in India. Let’s let you know about the various factors you must check for when choosing your transformer manufacturer.