Choosing A Reliable Transformer Manufacturer


Transformers ensure stable voltage levels, such that the end product receives only the right amount of power to run, without damaging it from any sudden power surges. These transformers are available in a wide range of output voltage levels, and it is very important to be able to choose the right kind of transformer that can satisfy your power requirements perfectly. And, this can be possible only when you choose a reliable transformer manufacturer whose decisions you can trust and depend upon. Let’s help you know some of the main factors you need to consider while choosing an electrical transformer manufacturer.

Is the manufacturer well-experienced and up to the standards?

The experience and the quality standard of the manufacturer is of prime importance. You need to check if the manufacturer has been operating in the niche market as the one you belong to, and for long. This will show you their experience over the products and services. Also, you must check the quality standards they abide by. For instance, Miracle Electronics is one manufacturer having unparalleled experience in all kinds of transformers since more than a decade now. Moreover, every transformer offered here is RoHS and REACH compliant, ensuring high standards, with no compromise on quality. Thus, whenever you get in touch, you know that you are partnering with the most reliable and trustworthy power transformer manufacturer in India.

Does the manufacturer stock on spare parts?

You must make sure that the manufacturer you approach for your transformer manufacturing or purchase is always stocked up with essential spare parts. This is important because a transformer is after all a machine, and can damage or fail anytime with no prior notice, despite the guarantee or warranty it may be in. At such a time, you wouldn’t want to run around looking for spare parts, or waiting too long for the spare parts to arrive at your manufacturer’s before he installs it for you. Thus, choosing beforehand a manufacturer who stocks on spare parts can save on your time and costs in the future.

Is the manufacturer concerned only with sales or after-sales servicing too?

You bought the perfect transformer from a manufacturer and are quite happy with the purchase, but your relationship with the manufacturer doesn’t end here. Just as much as it is important to maintain a relationship while making a purchase, it is equally imperative that the manufacturer stays in touch for any after sales service too. Any machine requires servicing and testing from time to time to ensure its working and performance. You need to find a manufacturer who understands the value of after sales servicing, and communicate with them beforehand about the service charges, and any additional or hidden charges to determine if they are providing value for money.

Does the manufacturer offer customization services?

Many transformer manufacturers only deal with a particular set of transformers, where they’ll ask you to choose from off-the-shelf products. But, it isn’t every time that you’ll need a readily available product. There could be times when you’re looking for a specially designed product to suit your particular specifications or requirements. You must thus always prefer partnering with a power transformer manufacturer in India who offers customization options; again one like Miracle Electronics. Even if you don’t need a customization done now, you should buy from a manufacturer offering customizations so that you don’t have to run around looking for another manufacturer when you’re actually looking for tailor-made transformers in the future.

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