What Are Medical Grade Isolation Transformers?


With the medical industry being one of the most sensitive industries that relate to the health and lives of people, it’s certain that there should be more focus laid onto the kinds of equipment being used there, isn’t it? Just as much as the kind of medical equipment used is important, so are the transformers being used to help them perform. You can’t simply use any kind of power or toroidal transformers to run the applications in a medical industry. This is why when you’re from the medical field, you’re probably looking for special and unique medical grade isolation transformers!

Why choose medical grade isolation transformers?

The reason behind why you would want to choose such special transformers is that medical grade isolation transformers satisfy many safety guidelines and rules beyond the requirements needed to eb fulfilled by other standard transformers. These special transformers are specifically designed to isolate the patients and the operators from an electric shock, while also protecting the equipment from power surges or faulty components. That’s because it is very important to keep every kind of medical and non-medical equipment in the facility completely isolated from the supply line, so that the patient and operator safety is assured. And, there’s nothing better than the strengthened isolation provided by medical grade isolation transformers that come with very low leakage current, minimum temperature rise at load, and minimum creepage distance and air clearance. The other advantages that come with such transformers include compact size, reduced weight, lower power losses, built-in thermal protections, and strict adherence to internationally recognized safety standards.

How do medical grade isolation transformers achieve isolation?

There are basically two kinds of design options that can help medical grade isolation transformers to achieve isolation, one being safety ground, and the other being reinforced insulation.

  • Safety ground transformers use standard isolation by having a safety shield between the primary and secondary coils, with insulation between the shield and each coil, thus maintaining leakage current maximums. In such a case, if the isolation breaks, the electrical path goes directly to the ground, thus providing safety.
  • Reinforced insulation transformers have no safety shield, but the insulation is much thicker, designed to have all the layers of insulation pass the thickness and high potential voltage tests required by the standard. In this case, if one insulation breaks, the next layer will provide the required safety.

Where can you get the best medical grade isolation transformers?

Miracle Electronics is one of the best medical transformer manufacturers in India, where you can get the finest quality products for your medical applications. Here, you can get medical grade isolation transformers for a range of 300 VA ,600 VA ,1000 VA, 1500 VA , and 2000 VA! Thus, you can get every kind of requirement fulfilled at Miracle Electronics. Moreover, every transformer manufactured here is RoHS, High, and REACH compliant, thus ensuring that the end products follow all the regulations under UL 60601-1 standards, meaning to offer complete safety and protection.

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