Wire Bundling – Which Type Is Suitable For Your Application?


Almost every industry today uses wires and cables, which is why these components have found excessive usage and demand. And, in applications that require hundreds and thousands of wires to perform, we can’t imagine the mess that could be created! This is why manufacturers have found an alternative to this – wire harnesses, wherein similar wires are clubbed together into a bundle to reduce the number of individual wires to be handled, thus reducing the mess, the space used, and the possible accidents. Miracle Electronics are one of the best wire harness manufacturers from India you can approach to have all kinds of wire harnesses built, no matter how simple or complex your application.

Customized Wire Harnesses – The Materials To Choose


People prefer everything to be customized as per their preferences today, so much so that professional companies want to customize their wires that need to be installed into their applications. If you are one such company looking to order a customized wire or wire harness, you should get in touch with professional wire harness manufacturers from India, one like Miracle Electronics, who have enough experience of manufacturing all kinds of simple and complicated wire harnesses for different industrial sectors. And, when you do so, you should also be sure on your part, about what all you want to include in your product. There are various components that are teamed up to make a wire harness; and you must be sure about the choice of each one of these. And, in order to make the right choice, you must first understand all the environmental conditions and other factors that your wire harness or application will be subject to. Will the environment be highly humid or extremely hot? Will the product have to bear excessive pressure or abrasion? After you understand the requirements completely, you will be in a better position to make the right choice. Here is a complete list of all the components that you need to consider while planning up a customized wire harness; and each one comes with a list of the various options available.

Important Aspects Of Every Wire Harness


Customized wire harnesses are the best choice when you are looking to satisfy certain particular requirements for your application. You have the choice to choose the material, the connector, the insulation, and everything else. But, as much as you have the choice to choose your options, it is equally important to test all that is installed into the wire harness to ensure its performance, efficiency, and safety. Testing such harnesses can also detect and eliminate any faults and errors before the installation. Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of a wire harness that need to be accurate to avoid any errors.

Wire Terminations – The Two Main Types


Wires and cables have become an inseparable part of our community, with usage in almost all kinds of applications. Each application has a unique construction, accompanied by a termination that enables two sources to connect to one another. Let’s take a look at the different types of terminations, along with understanding when they are used, why they are used, and the specific regulations surrounding them.

Wire Harness Connectors – Issues That You Must Avoid


Wire harnesses are specially designed bundling systems that are used to keep numerous wires and cables organized into a bunch. While earlier, the entire process of manufacturing a wire harness was manual, today, there are a number of machines used to make the process automatic. However, only certain processes can be made automatic, with other processes requiring manual assistance. Thus, no wire harness manufacturing process can be completely automatic; it can only be a semi-automatic procedure.

Purpose Of An Electrical Transformer


Transformers are electrical devices designed and manufactured to step up or down the voltage, operating on a simple principle of magnetic induction, with no moving parts in the construction. When the voltage on the input side is transformed by a transformer, to the voltage required by the device or equipment connected to the output, it inversely increases or decreases the current flow between different voltage levels. Thus, if the voltage on the input side increases, the current flow decreases; and if the voltage on the input side decreases, the current flow increases. In this way, electrical transformers represent the law of conservation of energy, which says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but only transformed.

When You Want Connectors And Cable Assemblies For Your Products

Looking to design electronic products that are smaller, lighter, and smart? Obviously, since we are so dependent on electronics now for almost every job that we do, and for every comfort we need; with the requirements of compactness and smartness that we look for in every product, designing such small and smart electronic products becomes vital. Your products need to meet especially challenging requirements of safety, durability, performance, and form-fit-and-function. So, let us take a look at all these elements that are a must when you are considering connectors and cable assemblies.

PCB Surface Coating – What And Why


Copper is the main conductive material used in PCBs, due to its excellent conductivity and physical performance. But, despite these advantages, copper also tends to oxidize when exposed to air, causing a solid thin oxide layer to be formed on its surface, which affects the solder joints, reducing the shelf life and reliability of the product. The copper thus needs to be prevented against oxidization, which can be achieved by having a good surface coating. There are a number of surface coatings that have rapidly been developed with numerous classifications generated. So, how do you select a proper type of surface coating?

Testing A Transformer


Transformers are those devices that work on the principal of electromagnetic induction to transfer electrical energy from one electrical circuit to another. But, because of this important purpose that they are used for, it is vital that these devices are tested well before usage to check for their efficiency. Some of the tests that are performed on a transformer to check for its efficiency include –