What Is Toroidal Power Transformer?


The basic purpose of every kind of transformer is to transfer power between two parts of an electrical circuit, keeping it safe for the application and the operator by increasing or decreasing the voltage as required. This makes transformers a very integral component of almost every electrical system. But, different transformers are constructed differently to serve different purposes.

Power transformers

One of the most popular transformers used is the power transformer, which is used when high efficiency power transfer is required. The power transformer has two magnetically coupled coils forming the primary and secondary windings, transferring safe power through the principle of electromagnetic induction. Power transformers are again categorized into various different types, from which one kind (toroidal power transformers) we will focus on in this blog.

Toroidal power transformers

Toroidal power transformers have a toroidal (round doughnut-shaped) core on which the primary and secondary coils are wound; the primary coil inducing an electromotive force and current in the secondary winding when current flows through it, to transfer power. The unique shape of the toroidal transformer requires shorter coils, thus reducing the resistive or winding losses, and improving overall efficiency.

Advantages of toroidal power transformers

  • Toroidal transformers are much more compact than other standard power transformers of the same ratings
  • Toroidal transformers allow for winding of coils over 100% of their core, which reduces the length of the cores, reducing the weight and losses too.
  • Toroidal transformers have improved efficiency than other power transformers, thus translating to lower temperatures.
  • Toroidal transformers have no end to their windings, which means there is no physical gap between the start and finish of the winding to allow outwardly radiated stray fields.
  • Toroidal transformers have high resistance to any external magnetic fields imposed upon them.

Applications of toroidal power transformers

  • Toroidal transformers are ideally suited for applications that possess lesser space because of their compact size, such as computers, inverters, and the like.
  • Toroidal transformers produce lesser hum than other power transformer types, thus making them suitable in audio-video applications like televisions, audio systems, and amplifiers.
  • Toroidal transformers are well-suited for critical equipment in the medical industry as medical devices require superior efficiency, low leakage currents, reliability, and noiseless operations; all of which toroidal transformers can provide.

Where to get toroidal transformers?

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