Building Cable Harnesses For Military And Aerospace Applications

It’s certainly important for every kind of cable and cable harness to be durable and reliable, no matter what the application. But, when it comes to more critical applications like military and aerospace, it becomes even more crucial for the harnesses to be robust, both in construction and performance.

Without robust cables, military and aerospace systems will not be able to withstand the terrible environmental conditions, while also being unable to maintain stable communication with the teams in other regions or on the ground below. To make all of this possible and easier, it is imperative that the cables and harnesses used in such applications are not only rugged, but also meet the electrical performance required as per the environments they will be used in. High altitudes, freezing temperatures, scorching heat, moisture, abrasion, and vibration are all sorts of settings that the cables need to be capable of withstanding. It is best for cables to be adaptable so that the same can be used in all kinds of temperatures and other varying conditions.

Failure is never an option for military and aerospace cables, for which it is important that the harnesses possess certain basic characteristics, some of which are mentioned below.

Sturdiness and flexibility

The harnesses should be sturdy, yet flexible. The materials used should be robust so as to make for a durable and strong harness, but at the same time, they must be made of flexible material so as to adjust in any and every corner and space, as required. All kinds of stretching, twisting, and contracting with heavy use should be possible. The stresses that come with continual use in harsh and consistently fluctuating environmental conditions should also be taken care of.

Strain and stress management

Along with the materials used for the cables, the materials used for making their connectors, terminals, and other accessories should also be robust. After all, the stretching, contracting, and twisting will also impact these other additional equipment, and the points where they come in contact with the cables. All of this must be taken care of – to be manufactured in a way to handle all kinds of strain and stress.

Special marine devising

In case of marine applications for military, there must be special engineering done and waterproof materials used, which can withstand the forces of water, while also functioning effortlessly and efficiently while under water.

Military standardization

The set government standards for military and aerospace applications should be met. There are a multitude of specifications and standards that are imperative for such applications, which should be well understood and regarded while manufacturing for the same. Miracle Electronics makes the perfect partner for such requirements. We are the one stop solution when you’re looking for military and aerospace cable harness manufacturer in India, as all our production processes are certified for quality to AS9100D. moreover, the quality of our cable & Connectors are Mil Standard & for specific applications.

Rigorous testing

It is essential that every piece of cable is thoroughly tested before being implanted into any device or application. This is true for even the smallest of applications, but highly crucial in the case of military and aerospace systems. Continuity and signal integrity should be checked for. Quality and functionality should be up to the mark. In fact, just one testing is not enough; cables should be subjected to several rounds of testing throughout the manufacturing process. This should include visual inspection, as well as electrical and performance testing.

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