Importance Of Transformers In Daily Life


Can you imagine your life without electricity? Or, can you imagine even a day without electricity? Obviously not! Electricity is one of the most important elements of our daily life. We have so many appliances, electronics and gadgets today that are the most precious to us. And, we can obviously not use all of these technologies if we have no electric current. But with electricity, there are so many issues of power cuts across the country. Many cities in India face sudden power failures and voltage problems, and continuous issues like these results in the breakdown of appliances within our home. So, is there a solution to this? There is only one way out to set these problems right – and that is by using a transformer.

Transformers are designed to modify an alternating current voltage that runs from one electric circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. These devices have two or more windings wound around an iron core that either decrease the incoming voltage or raise the voltage of electrical tools, as required. The number of windings depends on the amount of electric voltage that the transformer is required to provide. Transformers have two groups of coils – primary and secondary those are associated with magnetic fields that act as conductors. Step-up transformers are used to increase the voltage and step-down transformers are used to reduce the voltage levels.

There are a wide range of transformers available in the market, some of them namely – toroidal, isolation, audio output, three phase, E&I, audio line matching, SMPS and UI transformers. All these transformers have different properties and are designed for specific purposes. All of them have different behaviours of handling transfer voltage based on the equipment they are attached to. However, all of these transformers have one main function to perform, and that is to increase or decrease the alternating current, which helps in regulation of current that cuts down electricity bills.

Electrical components are used to stop the flow of electricity by interrupting the current. These are available for high, medium and low current devices. The circuit breaker is an electrical switch that automatically interrupts circuit damage due to high voltage. This helps in detecting critical defects in the circuit mechanism. There are various types of electrical switches like SF6 circuit breakers, switches installed patches, vacuum circuit breakers, etc.

Whatever kind of transformer you wish to buy, you need to check and consider some important points while looking for one. First of all, you need to look for a reliable transformer manufacturer and supplier. Check for the protection of the device you want to purchase, and ask the manufacturer for a guarantee. This will help you secure your investment and get the best out of it too. You may also check if the manufacturer offers customized transformers to meet your requirements so that you get a transformer best suited for the purpose you want to purchase it for. You can rely on Miracle Electronics for manufacturing and supplying the best power transformers in India, while taking care of all the shipping, installation and guarantee, whether you purchase ready transformers or customized ones from them.

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