5 Amazing Benefits Of Laser Marking Over Other Traditional Methods


Every year, billions of feet of cabling are installed around the world, used in a myriad of applications like electrical, audio, automotive, medical, industrial, and more. Every industry and every application have different requirements. But, when the applications are complex, requiring hundreds and thousands of wires and cables, one thing that’s common is that they require labelling. Labelling the cables can bring about easy identification, which makes it quick and effortless to correctly install the wires, may it be during the first-time installation, or after any repairs or maintenance.

Regular industries and applications can opt for any kind of cable marking solution like ink-jet, hot stamping, embossing, etc. But, when it comes to critical applications, for instance, those to be used in aircrafts – both commercial and military – it’ll call for a more durable solution, like laser marking. That’s because compared to other methods, laser marking offers unmatched precision and a long life, while also working to mark the cables quickly, without damaging the insulation or sheathing. In fact, laser marking is so beneficial that it is now becoming the gold standard for wire manufacturers around the world, for almost every kind of industry and application. Let’s help you know in detail about the various benefits that can be attained out of laser marking.

Laser marking is less damaging

Let’s speak about the oldest printing method – hot stamping. This process involves pressing a hot mould, coated with pigment, into the cable’s insulation. This significantly affects the structural integrity of the insulation material, thus having obvious detrimental effects, like breaking through the insulation down to the wire, and making way for fluids and contaminants to get in. Unlike hot stamping, laser marking is safe, and does not damage the cables.

Laser marking can be used on any kind of cable

Hot stamping cannot be used on delicate materials; it can only be used on materials that can withstand the heat of the hot mould. Also, cables with a thin gauge wire cannot be treated with hot stamping. But, when laser marking is used, there is no limitation, as the process can be used on a variety of materials and thicknesses, without having to worry about any kind of harm. This is why aircrafts opt for laser marking because with the complex wiring systems within, thinner wires are used to reduce weight, which makes laser marking the most apt choice.

Laser marking is fast

Laser marking is a completely automatic process, unlike the manual hot stamping method, which means the process is obviously much quicker. In addition, because human inputs are likely to be erroneous, more quality assurance checks need to be made to ensure that the labelling is correct, and the wires are not damaged. But, when it comes to laser marking, no such errors are possible because it is firstly automated, and is also helpful on any kind of material and thickness of the cable.

Laser making does not use any consumables

Let’s now speak about the other kind of marking process – inkjet marking, which involves printing onto the plastic insulation’s surface. Inkjet also cannot handle all kinds of materials, and is also very expensive because of the use of consumables like ink. These consumables can have serious side-effects on the wires and cables they are used on. In contrast to this, laser marking uses no such materials; instead, it only uses the light from the laser to change the chemistry of the pre-existing material.

Laser marking is highly reliable and durable

With hot stamping being a manual process and inkjet involving consumables, both the processes are either time-consuming or hazardous. This means there are more chances of errors in both these tasks. But, in the case of laser marking, the process is quick and accurate, with very lower chances of something going wrong. Furthermore, these reliable marks cannot be scraped or rubbed off, and can withstand all kinds of temperatures and flexing levels, which means the results are durable and long-lasting.

Laser marking is undoubtedly the best marking choice yet, as compared to older traditional methods. And, Miracle Electronics takes pride in our expert capabilities oflaser marking for aircraft cables, that have been, and are continually used, to complete all kinds of big and small orders in a quick and timely manner. With state-of-the-art machines and meticulous planning, we have been able to provide high quality services to every client, both in India and abroad.

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