5 Reasons Why Customized Wires And Cables Are Better


With the immense competition we see in the market today, manufacturers are aiming to make products affordable for their clients, even if that means compromising on the quality. Well, we don’t say that every manufacturer is the same, but if you take a look at the larger picture, you’ll see many compromises on quality, only to make it reasonably priced, and thus attractive, for the clients. But, just like not every manufacturer is the same, not every client is the same too. Not every client is fooled just by the price; they evaluate the quality too.

For instance, car manufacturing companies may intentionally use thinner or shorter wires and cables in their batteries to achieve weight reduction goals, which means they have to compromise on the quality. And this is why when you want quality assurance, you may want to opt for customized wiring and cabling. Paying a good amount on purchasing quality products can save on lots of unexpected maintenance, repairing, and replacement costs.

Let’s take a look at the 5 top reasons why you should always opt for customized wires rather than the regular ones available in the market.

Customized wires are more durable

As mentioned above, with car manufacturers compromising on quality, there is no assurance about the durability and life of the wires. But, when you opt for customized wires, you choose to use standard materials and better insulation, which means you can rely on the quality, and thus the life expectancy. There is thus a huge difference between customized wires and regular wires. The durability and superiority of customized wires has increased their demand against the regular wires used.

Customized wires guarantee quality and safety

If low quality materials are used in making the wires, you’ll only end up in low quality performance, which means there is no guarantee there. In addition, low quality materials also increase the risks associated with usage; thus there is no assurance of safety too. These low-quality wires may cause harm to either the application or operator, both of which are not acceptable. With customized wires, high quality materials are used, thus increasing quality assurance and safety, and reducing risks.

Customized wires can meet product specifications

Regular cables are made based on general measurements and requirements. But, customized cables can be tailored to every required specification. You can choose to have the length, width, weight, and every other aspect tailored to your needs. In addition, you may also have your cables jacketed, and colour coded/labelled as you may wish for better protection and easy identification respectively. Although these specifications may result in higher prices, but the outcomes are certainly worth it because of the perfection acquired.

Customized wires can be used in varied applications

Regular wires and cables are made for general applications with standard specifications. This limits the usage of these products, forcing you to compromise on your usage, or else turn to customized products for any special modifications required. Thus, for enhanced flexibility of applications, customized cables are always preferred.

Customized wires are easy to maintain and repair

Repairing regular wires and cables a few times may end up in damaging the terminals if low quality or lightweight raw materials have been used. Thus, you’ll end up only replacing them sooner than you’d expect. But, with customized cables, you know that you’ve opted for high quality materials, which can withstand extra repairing and wear-and-tear. Thus, maintenance and repairing also becomes easy with customized wires and cables, giving you enough time before you need to replace them.

With all of the above reasons, it becomes clear that regular wires come with their own limitations. It’s thus time for you to switch to customized wires and cables. And for that, you can get in touch with Miracle Electronics, the leading customized wire harness manufacturer in India, where every product can be tailored to your particular requirements and specifications, while confirming quality assurance and safety for any kind of application and operator.

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