Reliability is of utmost importance when it comes to any electrical device, because such devices may experience electrical surges, and may be highly sensitive too. This brings to us the importance of reliable cable assemblies too. It is only the cable assemblies that can help in keeping the devices protected against such surges or any other environmental issues. Moreover, reliable cable assemblies can help transfer signals effectively from one point to another. It is thus absolutely important to have reliable cable assemblies for your application.

But, the facet of reliability may also bring a surge in the costs, isn’t it? That certainly goes without saying. However, you “NEED TO” find a way to have reliability and cost-effectiveness clubbed together. And for this, you need a genuine and reliable manufacturer. Miracle Electronics is one of the most reliable cable assembly manufacturers in India you can trust to help you with genuine reliable products, without being too heavy on your pocket. Let’s help you know what makes Miracle Electronics’ products so reliable, yet cost-effective.

The factors to consider

It is important to understand that minute attention needs to paid to every facet like the type of wire, the type of connector, the type of jacketing, the placement of cable ties, the overall tolerance, etc. All these aspects play an important role in determining the material costs, manufacturing costs, and long-term reliability of a cable assembly. Below are a few things, which need to be carefully considered, or else they may add unnecessary costs and complexities to a cable assembly.

The type of insulation

PVC insulation is less expensive and also easier to work with in the manufacturing process, as compared to other materials like Teflon. Hence, whenever possible, PVC insulation should be chosen to save on costs.

The type of external protection

You may either jacket or shield your wires. Both these types provide excellent external protection, but shielding proves to be more expensive as it requires additional labour to install terminals and connectors, thus adding to the costs.

The type of contacts

Soldering contacts require a very high degree of trained operations and labour time, which makes them more expensive as compare to crimped contacts. Crimped contacts should thus be chosen when you want to save on costs.

The type of tie wrap

The type of tie wrap, and the number of tie wraps required, determine the costs involved. Tie wrap prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the labour involved; so choose your tie wrap and manufacturer wisely.

The tolerances

Designers generally take the safe path of using tight tolerances on cable assemblies. But, tight tolerances are actually unnecessary. The tighter the tolerances are, the more difficult it becomes to manufacture the assembly; thus making the end product more expensive.

These are just a few things, which when considered, can significantly impact the overall cost of an assembly. But, you must make it a point to partner with genuine cable assembly manufacturers in India, who can help you not only save costs, but can at the same time also provide you with the right kind of product.

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