Evaluating The Quality Of Control Transformers


If you’ve gone through the multiple blogs that we’ve written about how transformers help transfer electrical power between two or more circuits effectively, you already know that transformers are highly effective in saving your projects from getting hampered, and helping production to take place without disturbance; thus becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. A control transformer is mainly created for purposes that demand electromagnetic and solenoid devices. Such transformers have an in-built capacitor that helps reduce variation in output and lets your machine do its work without any difficulties. But, this is possible when you have a good quality transformer that best fits your requirements.

How to evaluate the quality of a control transformer?

Winding material type – The two main materials used for winding are copper and aluminium. Copper is certainly the better choice as it is a better conductor, and also provides higher mechanical strength, while making the size of the transformers smaller. Aluminium windings are comparatively more affordable, but they are lower in conductive properties. Copper thus is certainly more efficient, but many applications choose aluminium because of their significant cost advantage. You must thus make your choice depending upon your individual application; and choose a transformer manufacturer who is apt at manufacturing both kinds of transformers, so that he can work to fulfill your specific demands at any time.

Voltage and frequency – What Ampere or Wattage does your application load need? Considering this, you’ll be able to pick the best size and voltage rating device for your production. You need to determine the voltage and frequency of both the primary and secondary, in order to make a rational choice.

Life expectancy – The life of the insulation system is another important factor to consider. Insulation life is equivalent to the temperatures being experienced by insulation across the process. Hot spot temperatures are determined by adding the total of the winding angle, maximum ambient temperature, and standard winding temperature increase. Another factor you need to consider is the kVA rating that signifies the amount of kVA charging that occurs in the measured temperature increase. When used in standard operating conditions, including the allowed hot spot temperature with suitable insulation class, a standard life expectancy can be determined.

With the above aspects considered, you can guarantee the best fit control transformer for your application. After all, determining the best type of transformer that you need for your application is an important thing to do. More than that, you can approach a genuine transformer manufacturer in India, one like Miracle Electronics, who can provide you with only genuine high-quality products, and also advise you on the best kinds of transformers that can suit your requirements and applications. We specialize in manufacturing transformers of export quality that are acclaimed for unique features of excellent voltage regulation, durability, and compact design. You can get every kind of transformer here, like power, toroidal, medical isolation, audio, EI, UI, SMPS, and more. You can purchase from off-the-shelf products, or have your own transformers especially customized for your requirements.

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