Looms For Your Medical Applications


With wires and cables, used in any application, being exposed to a variety of environmental conditions like harsh weather, high pressure, extreme temperature, high vibration, and debris, it is important that these intricate components are protected against such harmful factors, so as to offer durability and longevity to not only the product, but the entire application. Looms provide protection to such bundles of wires and cables, while keeping the application neat and organized too.

Protection and safety – highly important in the medical industry

Considering the medical industry, the equipment used is subjected to very heavy usage, oftentimes at high intensity. Whether it is a pacemaker, a radiological equipment, a defibrillator, or any other medical device, it is vital that these equipment function accurately without any error, even at such high intensities and heavy use. It is thus crucial that the wires used within these equipment are both durable and biocompatible. The wires and wire looms integrate a wide variety of functions, such as transmitting light and data, energy supply and control, and lots more. Without wires and wire looms, the medical industry would hence be practiced much differently today.

Wires and wire looms for medical equipment

To fully understand the value that such wires and looms offer within the medical industry, it is important that you understand the applications they serve. Let’s examine a few of the most common devices within the medical industry that may not be possible without the kinds of wires and looms created by experienced looms manufacturers in India.

Equipment with an On/Off switch – Every equipment in the medical industry that is able to be powered on and off depends on the wires and looms to actually work.

Equipment for vital sign depiction – Blood pressure, oxygen, pulse rate, and every other activity within the body is checked with the help of equipment that depicts such vital signs and information.

X-ray machines – A wide range of X-ray machines, and other related machinery like CT scans and MRIs, are highly used every day to check for a whole variety of issues within the body.

All of the above equipment requires high quality wires and wire components to ensure fully efficient operation.

Choosing the right manufacturing partner

Experts in the medical field depend upon the quality of the machinery used, which includes even the tiniest of components like wires and wire looms, to deliver state-of-the-art treatment to patients every single day. It is thus important that the manufacturing of such equipment is done by partnering with a company that has years of experience. The manufacturer must have all industry-standard certifications and licensing as stipulated by the medical field and all governing bodies pertaining to wire component manufacturing. One such looms manufacturer in India is Miracle Electronics, who offers many types of looms for multiple applications, where you could also have your looms specially customized for your needs; the services including prototyping, designing, manufacturing, and a lot more. Furthermore, Miracle Electronics’ services meet the needs of the medical application equipment, with a medical quality certification of ISO 13485.

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