Testing Of Complex Wire Assemblies


Testing for every electrical component is crucial so as to avoid any hassles or mishaps later when the entire application is set up and powered on. One such very important, yet easily ignored, component is the wire. Electrical applications consist of multiple kinds of wires and wire assemblies in order to work. These wires must be thoroughly tested too.

How Do Toroidal Coils Differ From Normal Coils?


Toroidal coils certainly differ from normal coils, most visibly in their shape. Normal coils may be cubic or rectangular in shape, with the wire wrapped around a bobbin, with a set of cores fitted through the centre and around the outside of the bobbin. But, toroidal coils have a ring or donut shape, which is due to the different shape of the core material. In a toroid, a donut shaped core is used, and the wire is repeatedly taken through the central hole, and wrapped back around the outside. Because of this different shape of the coil, a specialized manufacturing process if required to manufactured toroidal coils. They do not have a standard mounting, like in the case of normal coils. Instead, their connections tend to be flying leads. although, smaller coils can be mounted on bases that allow easy insertion into PCBs.

Evaluating The Quality Of Control Transformers


If you’ve gone through the multiple blogs that we’ve written about how transformers help transfer electrical power between two or more circuits effectively, you already know that transformers are highly effective in saving your projects from getting hampered, and helping production to take place without disturbance; thus becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. A control transformer is mainly created for purposes that demand electromagnetic and solenoid devices. Such transformers have an in-built capacitor that helps reduce variation in output and lets your machine do its work without any difficulties. But, this is possible when you have a good quality transformer that best fits your requirements.

The Efficiency And Losses Of Transformers Explained

We cannot neglect the importance of transformers, as we’ve become so dependent on every kind of electrical and electronic application, each of which requires a transformer to bring in safe amount of power for effective and safe performance. But, it is absolutely important that the transformers are efficient in their functioning so that any kinds of problems can be avoided. One important factor in transformer efficiency is “transfer loss”. Here’s all you need to know about transformer efficiency and transformer losses, so that you can get hold of the right kind of transformer.

5 Reasons Why Customized Wires And Cables Are Better


With the immense competition we see in the market today, manufacturers are aiming to make products affordable for their clients, even if that means compromising on the quality. Well, we don’t say that every manufacturer is the same, but if you take a look at the larger picture, you’ll see many compromises on quality, only to make it reasonably priced, and thus attractive, for the clients. But, just like not every manufacturer is the same, not every client is the same too. Not every client is fooled just by the price; they evaluate the quality too.

Why Are Transformers So Important In Our Daily Lives?


Electricity plays a major role in our daily lives. As we’re so dependent on the lights, fans, air conditions, geysers, water purifiers, refrigerators, and more, we can’t even imagine life without electricity, can we!? Every electrical and electronic appliance that we use requires electricity to either run, or to be charged. So, where does transformer come in at play in the entire system?

How Important Is An EMS Provider For A Supply Chain?


An effective and efficient supply chain is important to help a business succeed. For instance, an EMS provider’s business will also depend upon the way and speed at which electronic components can be procured. And, this is why, it is important to choose the right EMS provider, probably one like Miracle Electronics, who offers nothing but only the best Electronics Manufacturing Services in India. Let’s help you know how partnering with a good EMS provider can facilitate all the required supply chain needs effectively.

Cleaning A Printed Circuit Board


PCBs are the heart and brain of electronic devices today, whether the devices belong to the entertainment industry, automotive industry, medical industry, or any other trade. This is why it is advisable to approach only expert professionals offering the best Electronics ManufacturingServices in India to help you get the most suitable PCBs for your industry and application.