Which Wire Harness Do You Need For Your Application?


With so many various kinds of wires and wire harnesses available in the market today, it can become a challenge to find the perfect one for your application. But, with some knowledge about the kinds of wire harnesses, and what your application requires, you may be able to make the right choice. And, if you can’t make the right decision, you will have to leave the verdict in the hands of a professional wire harness manufacturer in India. However, if you want to take the decision on your own, we have, in this blog, listed the different types of wire harnesses you may need, and each one’s usage, so that the blog can serve as a guide to help narrow down your search, or even come to a decision.

What is your application?

Before moving to the different kinds of wire harnesses, you need to first identify your application – what it is, what its purpose is, what the environmental conditions are, etc. How you plan to use the harness will determine what kind of harness you need, and also the number of conductors and other elements you may need.

  • What is your application? What do you wish to achieve out of it? All of this will determine as to whether you need EMI shielded harnesses or power cables; whether you need flat harnesses or ribbon harnesses; whether you need airborne harnesses or military harnesses.
  • What weather conditions will generally be available? Your harness will require proper insulation against even the most typical atmospheric conditions like temperature, pressure, and moisture.
  • Is your harness required for indoor or outdoor use? Outdoor harnesses require greater protection from outdoor harsh elements than their indoor counterparts. You will need the right jacketing for your harnesses that can afford the required level of protection.

Types of wire harnesses

  • Depending upon the conditions you want to use the harness in, you will require a different jacketing solution. For example, PVC and PE jackets allow excellent weather resistance. Polypropylene, polyurethane, and PTFE offer excellent resistant to extreme weather conditions. Also, PVC resists flame, abrasion, moisture, acids, solvents, gasoline, and ozone; and polyethylene possesses strong electric properties and resistance to solvents, soldering, cutting, and cracking.
  • When you are looking for wire harnesses for any kinds of vehicles, you will need special automotive wire harnesses. When you are looking for harnesses for air vehicles, you will need airborne wire harnesses. Similarly, when you are looking for harnesses to be used in defense applications, you will need military wire harness that can resist even the wildest of conditions.

With all of the above information, if you are able to identify the wire harness that you require for your particular application, go ahead and purchase the same. If not, you can consult a professional. In any case, Miracle Electronics is the best wire harness manufacturer in Germany you can approach – whether it is for manufacturing your preferred harness, or suggesting you the right one.

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